Expert Due Diligence + Expert Marketing = SCALE: Lead Marketing Pages and Seller Leads CRM Launching!

The REI/kit Lead Marketing Pages and Seller Leads CRM are about to launch! You already know that I built REI/kit to allow you to become an expert at deal due diligence, with tools for running comps and calculating ARV the right way, estimating rehab costs, analyzing deals based on multiple criteria, and marketing those deals to your cash buyers list or lenders using the most trustworthy reports in the business. In the process, over thousands of people have used our tools as part of their real estate investing systems with over 50,000 deals evaluated to date. As you can imagine, this has given me the opportunity to talk with a… Read More

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Distressed Seller Lead Pages

House Flipping & Wholesaling Software Product Update: Distressed Seller Lead Pages Deep Dive

The launch of Lead Pages in REI/kit, was an instrumental piece of the deal creation machinery to ensure your lead generation techniques keep up with the times and give you an always on channel for motivated seller leads. (If you’re just tuning in, you can read all about the launch of the NEW Distressed Seller Lead Pages & Seller Leads CRM) In this update I’ll cover some of the questions that I am most often asked when it comes to the Lead Pages feature. What are lead pages and how are they different from a regular web page? Why lead pages are a necessary component of your marketing strategy in… Read More

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House Flipping and Wholesaling Software Update: Helping You Improve The Speed & Quality of Your Deal Analysis

If you haven’t heard from me in a couple weeks, I want you to know there’s a pretty darn good reason. Although I took a day off to recover after our big Lead Pages and CRM launch in November, there really is no rest for the weary as we’re smashing through the rest of 2018 to get ready for 2019. Today I want to tell you about: (1) a couple big product improvements that we released that will dramatically improve the efficiency of your due diligence, also reducing the potential for data entry errors; (2) what’s coming up next; and (3) an update on what we’re working on for the… Read More

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Product Update: Teams Functionality Released

I am happy to announce that the Teams feature has finally been released as part of the REI/kit software for flipping houses. In this software product update I will discuss the following: What is the Teams feature? What are some common use cases for the Teams feature? On which plans is it available? I am on one of the supported plans, how do I invite my team?   What is the Teams feature? With the Teams feature of the flipping software, you will now be able to invite other team members into your account, and only give them the specific permissions that they need to do their jobs. This will… Read More

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Comps Cash Sale and REO Indicator

[Software Update] Even more accurate comps with NEW extended comps data

If you care about accurate comps, or cash buyers, then you might want to read this all the way through. For the last 2 years since switching away from the inadequate free Zillow data in our paid app *, we have worked tirelessly to bring you the most accurate comps that meet appraisal best practices, and the tools to perform an appraisal-like sales comparison analysis.  (* we do still use the free Zillow data on our free comps tools for demo purposes) For those in the know, our tools and premium data are by far better than most tools out there at any price. But being better than the other… Read More

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Product Update: CRM Email Functionality Release

Continuing in our tradition of constantly delivering more and more value, and aggressively executing our roadmap, I’m proud to announce that we have released the email messaging functionality into the REI/kit CRM.   What is CRM Email Messaging? Where previously your REI/kit CRM was used to manage all of your lead details, deal analysis and marketing projects, and tasks, you can now easily send emails to leads from within your REI/kit CRM.  If the lead replies to the email, it will even be automatically recorded in the CRM keeping track of all of your lead communications in one place.   How does REI/kit Email streamline my business? If you have… Read More

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