Complete A2P 10DLC Compliance Solution
for Real Estate Wholesalers

Register Your Business & Gain Opt-Ins with Multiple Marketing Channels
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Feel Like Your SMS Messages Are Getting Lost in the Void?

It’s not just about missed messages or lost leads. There’s a bigger risk at stake.

Did You Know?

Sending non-compliant SMS messages could cost you heavily — with fines reaching up to $10,000 per text.

The Reality Check:

Even if you’ve secured consent, unregistered phone numbers are seeing a 100% block rate on SMS message delivery.

Your Solution?

Ensure your business is registered with The Campaign Registry. 

Not only will this protect you from hefty fines but it’s your ticket to making sure every one of your messages reaches its intended recipient.

Introducing the REI/kit A2P 10DLC Solution
REI/kit Helps You Beat the Odds

REI/kit is the leading all-in-one real estate wholesaling platform with…

Regulatory compliance hub for registration

Opt-in websites

Highly trained staff standing by

More ways to gain consent through marketing automation than any other software

Increase Your Chances of Approval
Easy Registration Process

The 10DLC registration process is confusing and it’s easy to make mistakes.

Our built-in compliant hub simplifies the application process to just four straightforward steps

Within those steps, we have identified many common mistakes to help you avoid rejection

Should anything go wrong, you have a line of communication and staff trained to help

Central Hub for Compliance

Easily manage your A2P 10DLC registration. Benefit from a smoother approval process with guidance from our experts.

Straightforward Process

Don’t be intimidated by the steps required to register your business. Our four-part process greatly reduces the errors and risks associated with filing on your own.

Dedicated Support

We're on your side, offering continuous support and assistance to ensure a smooth application process.

REI/kit’s everyday world class support will help you manage the process.

Increase Your Chances of Approval
Opt-In Consent Compliant Websites

Along with application rejects, overall approval rates for most applicants are low.


They have a non-compliant websites without the necessary opt-in/opt-out language, or worse…

No website at all.

Boost your approval odds with a secure and compliant website.

Every REI/kit plan includes at least one compliant website.

Vetted Secure Website Design

We have worked extensively with the telco carriers to adopt the language and configurations necessary for compliant websites.

Compliant Contact Forms

Every form is opt-in compliant, containing the exact features necessary to capture SMS messaging consent.

Packed with Features

Our websites are not just effective, they do it all! SEO optimized and lightning fast, and integrated with our automated email campaigns and deal analysis tools.

More Ways to Gain Consent
Than Any Other Software

If your business relies completely on SMS messages, it’s time to diversify.

Postcards, emails, and cold calls are not blocked by these telco carrier restrictions.

Unlock REI/kit’s multi-channel automation tools to keep your marketing machine running and get opt-in – even when you’re sleeping.

Have an existing set of leads?

Don’t let them grow cold – import them into REI/kit, add them to an automation campaign, and keep the conversation going.

High-Converting Postcards

Send direct mail postcards, personalized with the lead’s information, to skyrocket engagement and reply rates.

Optimized Emails

Take advantage of email campaigns already written for you, designed for high deliverability and open rates.

Marketing Automation Campaigns

Done-for-you multi-touch campaigns keep your marketing machine running strong.

REI/kit is the trusted, comprehensive software that thousands of wholesalers rely on to run their business.​


Gain Opt-Ins Via Email

Email has a higher ROI than paid search and display ads When it comes to email marketing, companies make an average of $36 for every U.S. dollar they spend on email marketing. That’s a whopping 3,500% return on investment. Your prospects check their emails multiple times a day, just like you. Put your website url in your email, and wait for the opt-ins to roll in.

Gain Opt-Ins Via Direct Mail Postcards

Direct Mail Postcards has an average response rate of 4.25%

Direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel, and increasing every year. 

Grab your prospect’s attention directly at their doorstep, showcasing your compliant website URL on your postcards.


Explode Your Growth: Combine Direct Mail and Email With Other REI/kit Marketing Channels

Engage your prospects in five different ways once they’ve opted-in

Use REI/kit Direct Mail automation campaign postcards and emails to gain opt-ins effortlessly.

After that, the average prospect needs 5-6 touches before they convert. 

The more visibility you have, the more likely the recipient will recognize your brand and contact you first when it’s time to sell.

Once opted-in, follow up with text, ringless voicemail, and phone calls directly from our powerful CRM.

REIkit is the BEST!!!!! If you are in need of a CRM and a great marketing system REIkit is it. They are very good at what they do in providing a great platform for Real Estate Investors!!!!
Richard Spence

Every Plan Packed with Integrated Tools

Marketing Automation & Follow Up

Send a follow-up text, ringless voicemail drop, email, or direct mail postcard in an automated drip campaign to one lead or many.

Get Motivated Seller Leads

Need Leads? Use the Lead Lists tool to get targeted lists of seller leads to market to, automatically skip-traced and added to your REI/kit CRM. Have your own? No problem, just import them.

REIkit real estate investor websites

Two-Click Websites to Expand Your Reach

Create your REI/kit real estate investor website in two clicks to showcase your brand and start capturing opted-in seller leads.

Integrated with Powerful CRM

Never lose a lead with a completely integrated communications center.

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