Screenshot of Inbound Call Records in REIkit

We have launched the Phone Numbers tool and Call Lead Capture feature!

In the REI/kit Dashboard, we’ve built out the tools you need to find more properties to wholesale and flip, by getting highly motivated seller leads with the Leads List tool, having those leads skip-traced and processed right into the CRM, creating Analysis Projects right from the Lead Profile, and calling and emailing those leads immediately.

Now we fold in the Call Lead Capture feature into REI/kit!

Here is a brief walkthrough of these features that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else:

  • Choose a local and toll-free virtual number based on your marketing strategy
  • Forward calls to your phone or send them to voicemail
  • Automatically transcribe voicemails
  • Record and transcribe forwarded calls
  • Call lead capture: Automatically capture the caller as a lead in the CRM

First, there are a number of benefits to having a virtual phone number.

Why would you use your REI/kit virtual phone number instead of your personal number?

  1. You can keep your personal and business lines separate.
  2. Use your REI/kit phone number(s) in your marketing campaigns, which helps to measure the ROI of different marketing methods. Which campaigns are working the best?
  3. You might also have both a local and nationwide presence, and would like local phone numbers for specific farm campaigns, and a toll-free number for your nationwide website or nationwide Facebook or Google Ads campaigns.

Your complete picture: Keep track of inbound communication even more, in one central place!

When you just use your personal phone line for communicating with your leads, you lose visibility of those communications over time.

If instead you use REI/kit to capture your inbound calls with your leads, as well as adding the caller information as a lead in your REI/kit CRM, you will have a much clearer view of what your dealings with that caller have been when they are ready to do business.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s talk about how REI/kit helps you tailor your virtual phone number to your marketing strategy.

Choose a local and/or toll-free number

By choosing local or toll-free numbers, you can take advantage of flexibility in your inbound call strategies and marketing campaigns.

You can also make sure that the phone number that you’re marketing, is not your personal phone number, but rather your shiny new business number.

Want a national presence?

Choose a toll-free number.

Want to look hyper local so that potential sellers will trust you more?

Choose a local number and put it on your website, bandit signs or postcards, and Facebook or Google Ad campaigns targeting local motivated sellers.


Phone numbers tool screen in REIkit

Now, once those motivated sellers or cash buyers call, what happens?

Forward calls to your phone or voicemail

If you’d like to screen calls, you’re covered:

With voicemail recording, you will be able to send your calls to your customized voicemail message in REI/kit.

Automatically transcribe voicemails

When triggered with a call to that REI/kit phone number, the caller’s voicemail will be recorded and transcribed, and added to the Lead’s call records in the Seller Profile.

Inbound Call Records in REIkit


Want to actually take that incoming call? Just forward it to your regular phone.

Record and transcribe inbound calls

You can choose to record inbound calls and they will be fully transcribed, so that you have a record of your conversation to the Call Records for that Lead in the CRM.

Call lead capture: Automatically capture the caller as a lead in the CRM

Best of all your inbound call lead’s contact information is automatically captured in the CRM as a new lead, along with the recording and transcription of the call recording or voicemail.

Wrapping up

Call Lead Capture builds on years of adding more, better, and faster tools, so that you can build the success and freedom that you’ve always wanted.

Get the entire suite of tools at REI/kit with your subscription today: Select a plan and start your trial!