Direct Mail Postcard Preview


Direct Mail Postcards are Now Launched in REI/kit

(Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Marketing Just Got Real)


Hi there,

There is a massive shift going on in the marketing channels used by the virtual wholesale real estate industry, requiring expert marketers to completely rethink how they’re getting their message out. 

Anyone using one single marketing channel to get their message out right now is feeling the pinch.

Let’s take cold calling for example.

We’ve all gotten car warranty phone calls.

Like me, you likely stopped picking up the phone, and if you or your VA’s cold call leads, you probably noticed that fewer and fewer leads pick up as well.

Because of those spam calls, legitimate businesses solving critical housing problems can no longer get their message out in front of their audience.

It’s not just cold calling.  

Every marketing channel is under attack right now.

While inconvenient, change is inevitable, and the solution is to pivot and go on the offensive.

Here at REI/kit, with our wide reach we are in a position to see the writing on the wall and respond.  To help with cold calling performance we introduced our ringless voicemail product as a way to have leads receive a pre-recorded voicemail drop, and then return the call at their convenience.

We’re always looking out for you, keeping in mind our mission of giving you uncompromised ability to take an omni-channel approach to how you contact your leads.

No one single channel is consistently reliable anymore.  

The only thing that will get your message out is all of the channels working together in concert.  When one channel fails, you need another one to pick up the slack.

So, over the last few months, we have been working on our latest addition to our suite of marketing automation tools that is now a reality:


We have officially launched Direct Mail as the 5th marketing channel in the software.


This on top of SMS, Email, Ringless Voicemail, and our Webphone for cold calling.

Now, I get that direct mail is not a revolutionary means of contacting sellers – it’s been around for decades and is incredibly effective in many respects, often with a high response rate.

What is revolutionary, is how REI/kit allows you to stack FIVE different communication methods in one campaign, which is a capability unlike any other software on the market today.

I repeat, no other software allows you to communicate with all 5 channels.  Period.

Imagine this – you start a hands-off automation campaign to your lead list, that first drops a postcard into the mail…

and then slowly introduces you to the homeowner with an email, followed by a text, and then a ringless voicemail…

so that by the time the postcard reaches them, they are 4X more likely to recognize your brand and be ready to talk to you and pick up your call, or call you!

A more complete time-saving, or innovative virtual real estate wholesaling system does not exist.

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CEO of REI/kit