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All of the tools and premium data to ensure your flips, wholesale, and buy and hold deals are profitable...and the reports to market those deals to private lenders for funding or other investors for resale

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ARV Estimate

House Flipping Software to Make Data Driven Decisions

Maximize your real estate investment profit by making data driven decisions before you get into a house flip, wholesale real estate, or buy and hold deal

REI/kit’s house flipping software is a suite of tools and premium data to help you make sound real estate investment decisions.  These include tools to run the most comprehensive ARV analysis using our premium Real Estate Comps, tools to estimate rehab construction costs, exit analysis, and reports to show your due diligence to your private money lenders, or to other investors.


The ONLY house flipping software that uses appraisal techniques to help you pinpoint the most accurate ARV with accurate real estate comps data. (We don’t use Zillow like the other guys)


Rehab cost estimator including nationwide house rehab material and labor cost estimate data, so that you know the cost to rehab a house.


Perform extensive due diligence on your properties and leads, with our extended property data that includes, Taxes, Owners, and Estimated Equity.


Expert analysis for flipping a house, wholesaling houses, or using the BRRRR method for investing in rental properties.


Create professional reports to market your deals to private money lenders for funding, or to cash buyers for resale.


Your analysis is integrated into the REI/kit CRM, and your deal reports can be shared with your buyers and lenders on your website.

I use REI/kit so that I never make another $80,000 mistake again.
Jerry Williams
New Port Homes LLC

Why Should You Use REI/kit House Flipping Software?

Premium Property Data

Make Decisions Based on Premium Data

Unlike our competitors who only rely on free and limited information sources like Zillow to give you an incomplete picture of the deal, our property data includes far more data points from multiple paid and free sources, to give you the critical information that you need to make an informed buying decision including (where available): Zoning, Property Tax Amounts, Building Quality, and Features commonly used in an appraisal.

Improve Your Purchase Negotiations By Understanding Seller Motivation

Imagine knowing who all of the borrowers are as well as how much money was borrowed against the property. On top of this, we give you their estimated equity since origination, so that you can understand all of your possible exit strategies before you even visit the property.

Read more about this crucial new data here >>

Loan History Data
Detailed Real Estate Comps

Understand Your Market Values with Advanced Comp Detail Showing Cash Buyer Activity

Our real estate comps come with expert level detail including whether they are purchased with all cash by investors, whether the sale was part of a foreclosure process, whether the owner is an entity, and much more.

Want to know what cash buyers are paying around a particular property? We’ve got you covered.

Want to know who the cash buyers are around a particular property? We’ve got you covered there too.

Read more about our extended comps data release >>

Make Money When You Buy with Appraisal Quality ARV

Calculate a true After Repair Value (ARV) the way an appraiser would. REI/kit is the ONLY house flipping, real estate wholesaling, and rental real estate investment software that uses standard appraisal adjustment techniques, helping you save thousands by preventing you from overpaying for your deals.

ARV Estimate
Rehab Estimate

Determine Accurate Rehab Cost Estimates Without Needing a Contractor

Create itemized rehab cost estimates without needing a contractor, and know the real cost of your rehab before you make your offer. The house flipping software lets you select from thousands of construction cost items that are regularly updated and adjusted to over 40,000 zip codes. No more guesswork. No more inaccurate $/sqft formulas. No more out-of-date house flipping spreadsheets.

Get The Most Profit by Analyzing Multiple Exit Strategies

Whether you are a real estate wholesaler, flipping a house, or investing in buy and hold real estate by using the BRRRR strategy, the software captures the most important performance metrics to ensure that you will get the maximum profit out of a deal.

Complete Rental Property Proforma
Wholesale Real Estate Presentation

Get Your Wholesale Deals Under Contract Quicker with Professional Deal Marketing Reports for Cash Buyers

Present your wholesale, flip, or rental real estate investment property to your cash buyers and get it under contract quicker.

Stand out from the crowd, and show your expert due-diligence. (Example flip report ).

Secure More Private Money For Your House Flips and Rentals Using Lender Deal Pitch Reports

Create highly polished deal pitch reports designed to get you to a YES and your project funded faster.

Show your deal fundamentals to your private money lenders using the most thorough reports they have ever seen.

Private and Hard Money Lender Report

Try REI/kit House Flipping Software Standalone...

House Flipping Software Standalone

For those who only need professional deal analysis
$ 44
  • 30 Analysis & Marketing Projects/mo (Additional $3/ea)
  • Premium High Density Comps
  • Sales Comparison Tool
  • Extended Comps Details (Cash sale, REO indicator)
  • Premium Property Data (Owner, Mortgage Info)
  • Nationwide Rehab Cost Estimator
  • Flipping & BRRRR Analysis
  • Wholesaling Analysis
  • Rental Analysis & Proforma
  • Deal Marketing PDFs (Flip, Wholesale, Rental, Lender)
  • 7 Day Trial

...or for just a little bit more, bundle it with the integrated REI/kit CRM for Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation and get all of these other tools to help you get into more deals...

CRM for Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation

Communicate with your prospects and customers using up to five outbound and three inbound communication channels, ensuring that you can always reach them with your messaging, wherever they may be.

Learn more about our CRM >>

Skip Traced Motivated Seller Leads

Need Leads? Use the Lead Lists tool to get targeted lists of seller leads to market to, automatically skip-traced and added to your REI/kit CRM. 

Have your own leads? No problem, just import them and use our Skip Trace tool to get email and phone contact information.

Learn more about our motivated seller leads >>

Marketing Automation & Follow Up Campaigns

Automate the sending of combined follow-up text, postcards, ringless voicemail drop, or email with an automated drip campaign to one lead or many.

Take advantage of our pre-written campaigns using direct response best practices designed to get you started quickly and getting replies.

REIkit real estate investor websites

Create an Inbound Lead Generating Website

Create your REI/kit real estate investor website in two clicks to showcase your brand and start capturing seller leads.

Learn more about our real estate investor websites >>

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