Nashville, TN – REI/kit, the leading real estate wholesaling software, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking SmartText AI technology powered by Open AI’s ChatGPT.

SmartText AI is designed to enable real estate wholesalers and acquisition teams to use Artificial Intelligence to generate personalized emails and SMS messages with unique content for their prospects, all at the click of a button. SmartText AI is the first ChatGPT AI integration of its type for any real estate wholesaling software, and only available in REI/kit.

This release marks a major milestone in advancing the state of the art in the real estate lead marketing industry with integrated AI capabilities. The technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the way real estate marketers and wholesalers communicate with their prospects.

The tool’s benefits as a productivity multiplier are far-reaching, including its feature that generates well-crafted messages in seconds, enabling users to communicate with more prospects more quickly and efficiently.

Other benefits of SmartText AI technology include the ability to tailor text messages based on the context of the conversation, and even improved message deliverability. This personalized messaging builds stronger relationships, making lasting impressions with prospects and ultimately improving deal closing rates.

REI/kit’s team has invested significant time and effort into addressing concerns around AI-generated content feeling impersonal or being difficult to use. Concurrently with the rapid pace at which AI is producing significantly improved and human-like text generation, the team has implemented AI priming techniques to ensure the generated messages feel genuine, authentic, creative and unique.

These techniques have also been used to improve the deliverability of messages, helping to avoid spam filters and get more messages seen.

According to Kuba Fietkiewicz, CEO of REI/kit, “Real estate wholesalers who embrace SmartText AI will be at the forefront of innovation in real estate marketing, and will outperform their peers by a wide margin. Ultimately, this technology has the potential to divide marketers into two categories, those who embrace it and get the majority of deals for themselves, and everybody else.”

Fietkiewicz added, “We are proud to be leading the charge in AI integration into SMS and email marketing automation for real estate wholesalers. With SmartText AI, we have developed a tool that is intuitive and easy to use for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. We believe that with the latest rapid advancements in AI, we are in a new industrial era, and it’s essential for our industry to seize this moment. The first movers here, those real estate businesses using AI, will reap outsized benefits from its early adoption.”

About REI/kit:

REI/kit is the leading AI-enhanced, all-in-one real estate wholesaling software for real estate wholesalers and investors. As the first platform to offer five channel marketing automation, REI/kit continues to lead the way with integrating the most advanced technologies available today. The company’s vision is to empower investors with the tools and knowledge to close deals faster and with less effort, through innovative software solutions.

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