Software Update – Limited Zapier Beta Program Opening Announcement

The team at REI/kit has been burning the midnight oil on the Next Big Thing in our suite of wholesaling and house flipping tools: our highly anticipated Zapier integration!

Until now, REI/kit has always been a complete all-in-one system, and proudly so.

-We launched in 2016 with our deal analysis tools, with thousands of investors having performed over 255,000 property analyses to date.

-Then came our one-click websites, virtual phone numbers, CRM 1.0 and 2.0, and lead lists generator.

-We were the first software that integrated five outbound marketing channels into a single software – text, ringless voicemail, email, direct mail postcards, and cold calling.

-We were the first software that made it a breeze to combine and stack all of these channels into multi-channel automation campaigns, for an ultra-powerful way to follow up consistently and stay top of mind.

-All of this for just one flat monthly subscription rate – No need for multiple subscriptions for each marketing channel. No more need to manage multiple channels separately.

REI/kit customers came to us because we were the one-stop shop they were looking for…the REI kit with every tool that was valuable to their business.

That continues to be what we strive for:

How can we help our customers be more efficient, work faster, and continue to give them the tools they need to scale massively?

This is where Zapier comes into the picture —

Our investors may use other systems in their business besides REI/kit…

The integration with Zapier means that those investors now have the flexibility to pick and choose whether to use REI/kit as a standalone system, or integrate their current workflows, tools, and software.

As Zapier puts it, “automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.”

We have introduced a limited Zapier Beta Program to better understand the unique needs of our customers, and build custom integrations to help them use the platform in a way that best enhances their productivity.

Keep checking back for an announcement that Zapier is available in REI/kit.

In the meantime, navigate to this link to see all of REI/kit’s current tools and available plans: