All-In-One Real Estate Wholesaling Software
with ChatGPT Enabled Omni-Channel Lead Marketing

Your business in a box with all of the software that you need for strong deal flow featuring a Real Estate Wholesaling CRM with Skip Tracing, 5 outbound marketing channels including: SmartText AI ChatGPT enabled SMS and Email generation, additional Marketing Automation including Direct Mail Postcards, Virtual Phone for Cold Calling, and even Ringless Voicemail. Also includes 8 types of stackable Motivated Seller Leads, Inbound Lead Generating Websites, and data supported Deal Analysis with Premium Comps and ARV, and Nationwide Rehab Costs Estimator.

Over 275,000 deals strong!

REI/kit is virtual real estate wholesaling software for real estate wholesalers and house flippers that is trusted by thousands of real estate investors as an integral part of scaling their real estate investment systems.

The software helps you with our simple 3 step process to get into more deals NOW:

(1) Get Leads: Use our skip traced motivated seller leads with multiple points of contact info, or easily import your own from your favorite data source.

(2) Automate Follow up: Send those leads effective SmartText AI ChatGPT generated SMS text messages or emails, and automate it all using our industry leading 5-channel outbound marketing platform that also includes direct mail postcards, ringless voicemail, and cold calling, for always on automated lead generation.

(3) Profit: Expertly analyze those deals that come in from your marketing to ensure you are always going to be profitable.

(Optional) User Zapier and seamlessly integrate REI/kit into all of your other wholesaling systems.

NEW: Read our press release for the launch of our first in industry SmartText Artificial Intelligence SMS and Email generation powered by ChatGPT.

NEW: Read our case study on how you can Re-Ignite your BatchLeads lists for SMS marketing!

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

Inbound & Outbound Lead Gen

Highly Motivated Seller Lead Lists

Target 8 Stackable Highly Motivated seller lead types including:

Absentee Owned, Vacant Property, High Equity Owner, Low Equity Owner, Empty Nesters, Trustee Owned, Corporate Owned, and Seller Financed Property

Leads already skip traced for phones and email addresses where available.

Lead Capture Websites

Build a conversion and seo-optimized, responsive real estate investor website in 2 button clicks to start capturing motivated seller leads today.

Market your website in Google search, as well as Facebook, and AdWords.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Inbound Lead Capture

Perfect for your Bandit Signs and to keep track of your inbound dial marketing campaigns.

Create forwarding numbers for each of your marketing campaigns, and automatically capture callers as leads into your CRM.

Forward calls to your phone, or send them to voicemail, and record and transcribe them for a complete record of all of your inbound lead communications.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

Lead Management & Skip Tracing

Automated Seller Lead CRM

Keep track of your motivated seller leads as they move through your sales funnel, all the way to the closing table.

Automate task creation and assignment to your team members. A lead can automatically trigger a email drip campaign and sequence of tasks designed for you to generate an offer and make contact.

Industry Leading Skip Tracing

Fill in your contact data with additional info including phone numbers, cell phones, or email address.

All phone numbers also checked against the do not call list.

Lowest skip tracing costs in the industry.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

SmartText AI Text Messages

SmartText AI Enabled
Powered by ChatGPT

Powerful text message generating artificial intelligence prompt templates for all of the major lead types.

Enhanced with our SmartText AI algorithm optimized for deliverability and responses.

SMS Campaigns
Designed to Get Responses

93% of delivered text messages get opened within 1 minute of receipt.

If you are afraid of getting responses from sellers, do not sign up for this software!

10 DLC compliance built in to ensure that your messages get delivered.

Text Follow Up
on Auto Pilot

Send text blasts to your list, or put your leads on a drip campaign until they reply.

Our optimized text messaging campaigns already written for you, are designed for high deliverability and immediate response.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

SmartText AI Email Marketing Automation

SmartText AI Enabled
Powered by ChatGPT

Generate high response email messages with our artificial intelligence prompt templates for all of the major lead types.

Enhanced with our SmartText AI algorithm optimized for deliverability and responses.

High Converting
Email Templates

You don't have to start from scratch.

Our series of optimized email campaigns already written for you, are designed for high deliverability and open rates.

Email Follow Up
on Auto Pilot

Spend less time chasing leads, and more time signing contracts. All you have to do is add your leads to the email sequence and let the drip campaigns work their magic.

Email Activity Notification

See that your lead opened and read your email or clicked on your contract that you sent them.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for


High Converting
Postcard Templates

Professionally designed and customizable postcard templates using direct response best practices designed to generate the highest reply rates.

Mail Tracking

We capture postal tracking events so that you can understand exactly where your mail is at all times, including if it was returned to sender.

As Easy to Send as an Email

We have made sending a postcard to your contacts as easy to do as it is sending a regular email.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

Ringless Voicemail MARKETING

Amplifies Your Cold Calling

Ringless Voicemail sends a voicemail to your lead without ringing their phone.

Allows you to amplify your cold-calling 1,000 times.

Designed to get Immediate responses

Ringless Voicemail campaigns are typically associated with MONSTER call-back rates.

Send RVM blasts to your list, or put your leads on a drip campaign until they reply.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

Outbound Cold Calling

Our Leads
Have Phone Numbers

Some of our competitors claim to give you free "leads" by only giving you a simple list of addresses, and then charge you for the contact information that you need.

With REI/kit each plan has free leads included, already skip traced with phone numbers so you can start calling them immediately.

We'll even tell you if they are on the DNC list at no additional charge.

Virtual Phone Number
& CRM Web Phone Included

Protect your identity by cold calling using your virtual phone number instead of your personal number.

Record all conversations and have them transcribed into the CRM to see all of your communications with your leads.

REI/kit is Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software for

Expert Deal Analysis & Marketing

Appraisal-Quality Bullseye Comps & ARV

The ONLY house flipping software that uses appraisal techniques to help you pinpoint the most accurate ARV with accurate real estate comps data. (We don’t use Zillow like the other guys)

Estimate Rehab Costs Like a Contractor

Rehab cost estimator including nationwide house rehab material and labor cost estimate data, so that you know the cost to rehab a house.

Premium Property Data

Perform extensive due diligence on your properties and leads, with our extended property data that includes, Taxes, Owners, and Estimated Equity.

Multiple Exit Strategies

Expert analysis for flipping a house, wholesaling houses, or using the BRRRR method for investing in rental properties.

Professional Deal Marketing Reports

Create professional reports to market your deals to private money lenders for funding, or to cash buyers for resale.

Integrated With Lead Website & Real Estate CRM

Your analysis is integrated into the Seller Lead CRM, and your deal reports can be shared with your buyers and lenders on your website.

REI/kit Real Estate Wholesaling Software & House Flipping Software is a complete system to help get you into more deals and more profitable deals




Quickly build a list of the 8 most profitable lead types that are working today, or combine up to 85 different filters for ultra targeted motivated seller lead marketing and acquisition.

No need for skip tracing as REI/kit leads come with phone numbers and in many cases email addresses so that you can immediately put them in an automated email campaign, or send them a text blast.

More about our motivated seller leads >>


Capture motivated seller leads using a secure, SEO optimized, high-converting, mobile friendly and responsive real estate investor website, which you can use to easily target all of your hyper-local markets.

As easy as 2 button clicks to get started, with already optimized content that is completely customizable to your marketing message.

No designers, no expensive set-up fees, no hosting necessary.

More about our real estate investor websites >>


Phone Numbers for Inbound Lead Capture

Create a separate phone number for each of your marketing campaigns to understand which campaigns are working to generate the most leads.

Forward your inbound phone numbers to your business phone or send your callers to voicemail.

Record all of your calls and voicemails and automatically transcribe them to see a complete record of your lead communications.

Inbound calls automatically become leads in your CRM for follow up.


Your leads automatically flow into the CRM from your website, or from your highly targeted and already skip traced REI/kit motivated seller lead lists.

You can even easily import them from your outside sources of lists such as from ListSource, and even from Podio.

The CRM is the one place for all your leads so that you can implement your follow up systems, and never again lose track of your lead communications, documents, tasks, and status as it moves through your sales funnel.

Email, text, or call your leads from within the CRM and have a complete picture of your entire team’s communication with the lead.

Real Estate Investor CRM

CRM Built for Teams

CRM Built For Teams

Collaborate with your real estate acquisitions team.

Invite your partners, realtors, real estate virtual assistants, cold callers, appointment setters, and marketing managers to work your leads from first contact on your website all the way through the deal due diligence, purchase, and re-marketing of the deal to your cash buyers.

Read about the team feature release >>


Your marketing strategy and lead follow up will fail if you don't automate it. With REI/kit you can trigger automated email, text, ringless voicemail, and task sequences that move your lead through your sales funnel all the way to the closing table to make sure that none of your leads fall through the cracks.

Read more about the email marketing automation feature release >>

Email Marketing Automation

So that you can spend less time chasing leads and more time signing contracts

The money is in the follow up. Most of your competition will give up after getting no response after only 2 or 3 touches. You will end up with more deals if you let the automated system follow up with your leads.

Then you Can Analyze Your Deals for Maximum Profit With...

Premium Property Data

Premium Real Estate Data

Unlike our competitors who only rely on free and limited information sources like Zillow to give you an incomplete picture of the deal, our property data includes far more data points from multiple paid and free sources, to give you the critical information that you need to make an informed buying decision including (where available): Zoning, Property Tax Amounts, Building Quality, and Features commonly used in an appraisal.

Loan History AKA Owner Motivation

Imagine knowing who all of the borrowers are as well as how much money was borrowed against the property. On top of this, we give you their estimated equity since origination, so that you can understand all of your possible exit strategies before you even visit the property.

Read more about this crucial new data here >>

Real Estate Loan History

Advanced Comp Detail Showing Cash Buyer Activity

Comps and Estimate ARV

Our comps come with expert level detail including whether they are purchased with all cash by investors, whether the sale was part of a foreclosure process, whether the owner is an entity, and much more.

Want to know what cash buyers are paying around a particular property? We've got you covered.

Want to know who the cash buyers are around a particular property? We've got you covered there too.

Read more about our extended comps data release >>

Appraisal-Quality ARV

Calculate a true After Repair Value (ARV) the way an appraiser would. REI/kit is the ONLY house flipping, real estate wholesaling, and rental real estate investment software that uses standard appraisal adjustment techniques, helping you save thousands by preventing you from overpaying for your deals.

Appraisal Quality ARV with Sales Comparison Analysis

Accurate Rehab Cost Estimator

Rehab Estimator

Create itemized rehab cost estimates without needing a contractor, and know the real cost of your rehab before you make your offer. The house flipping software lets you select from thousands of construction cost items that are regularly updated and adjusted to over 40,000 zip codes. No more guesswork. No more inaccurate $/sqft formulas. No more out-of-date house flipping spreadsheets.

Multiple Exit Strategies

Whether you are a real estate wholesaler, flipping a house, or investing in buy and hold real estate by using the BRRRR strategy, the software captures the most important performance metrics to ensure that you will get the maximum profit out of a deal.

Rental Analysis Property Proforma


Professional Deal Marketing Reports
For Cash Buyers

Wholesale Real Estate Presentation

Present your wholesale, flip, or rental real estate investment property to your cash buyers and get it under contract quicker.

Stand out from the crowd, and show your expert due-diligence. (Example flip report ).


Highly polished deal pitch reports designed to get you to a YES and your project funded faster.

Show your deal fundamentals to your private money lenders using the most thorough reports they have ever seen.

Private and Hard Money Lender Report

Deal Inventory Integrated With Your Lead Capture Website

Wholesale Real Estate Presentation

Integrated with your REI/kit lead capture website. Add your deal reports to your website with one simple click to drive cash buyer interest.

This level of integration is only possible with a complete system like REI/kit, that has all of the tools working together as one.

(Example deal inventory page)

Build Your System & Start Getting Into More Deals Today

Get into more and more profitable deals by building out your REI/kit lead marketing, follow up, and deal analysis systems.

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Repainting is one of the highest ROI improvements you can do for a fix and flip project since it doesn’t add too much to your total cost.

REI/kit offers a powerful calculator that will help you estimate ARV based on neighborhood comparisons.

Our Customers Love Us on Google

Carlos Altamirano

What an amazing tool for getting wholesale deals! I have tried many tools out there, and have created many of my own, but REIkit has a unique way or organizing the little details of a flip, rental, or wholesale deal that can easily get over looked. Finding the comps has never been easier, what a great help that is, specially if you don't have access to the MLS. The end marking makes banks and hard money lenders know you truly know what you are doing. What a great tool this is!

Cristina Rodriguez

Amazing service! great software, great customer service

Gregg Savage

This service was pretty good very nicely priced, great customer support but I'm moving into a new business sector and won't need it anymore. Thanx for the good quality while I was a customer.

DNO Investing

I have been in the tech world for year and know my software, this is no joke. With minimal tweaking usually, I have been able get comps that some RE Agents didn't find. I have also had lenders want to work with me because I was so "organized". Customer Support is quick and great to work with! Give it a shot, its worth it! You won't regret it.

And on

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