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The Most Effective Leads in Today's Market

What makes them so effective? Clarity of motivation.

A seller who has two houses that they can’t afford, has a different problem than a seller who wants to downsize.

To market to a seller’s pain point, and offer yourself as the solution to their problems, you have to speak to only that pain point.

That’s why the REI/kit Leads tool includes a Quick List Creator, so that in one click, you can select a segment of motivated sellers, and tailor your marketing campaign to only them. 

Absentee Owners

Absentee owners are ones where the mailing address is different from the property address. These owners are motivated by not wanting a property that is not their primary residence, ie: tired landlords, second homes, or inherited properties.

Vacant Properties

A vacant property is one to which mail cannot be delivered. These home may be abandoned and vacant property owners are typically motivated by not wanting to take care of a property that is not being used.

Build Your Own List

Build your own ultra-targeted list by layering your choice of 85 filters in 5 segments including as owner type, property type, equity, and mortgage type.

High Equity Owners

Owners with Equity above 50% (LTV Ratio 50% or less). You may be able to negotiate with these owners a lower price for their property, because it may be more cash than they expected to walk away with.

Low Equity Owners

Owners who have equity below 20% (LTV Ratio 80% or more). These owners may be motivated by needing to move, but not wanting to list on the MLS, and may be candidates for a Subject To transaction or a short sale.

Empty Nesters

Owners in the age range of 45-64 years old, married, living in a property with 3+ bedrooms, who have lived in the property for 5+ years and there are no children present. They are often motivated by life events such as needing to downsize.

Trust Owned

Owned by trusts. Sometimes these properties may be involved in foreclosures, or they may be owned by a family trust, or even owned by churches and charities who were devised real property.

Corporate Owned

Properties that are owned by corporations. While many of these are banks, the ones that are not, are likely investors or cash buyers. If a property is under-performing or empty, these owners may be motivated to sell.

Seller Financed

These properties were financed using a Seller Carry Back loan.

Completely Integrated System

REI/kit CRM, & Text, Ringless Voicemail, Direct Mail and Email Marketing Automation


Better Leads With Auto-Skip

There’s no sense in doubling your cost, to get a list of quality leads, and then pay extra to skip-trace it.

REI/kit lead lists are automatically skip-traced, and include phone numbers, and many with email address.

No need to spend 5 to 10 cents per lead on top of what you’ve already spent, for each skip.

And, no need to waste precious time sending your list to another provider to be skip-traced.


A CRM Built for Wholesalers

It’s difficult to build a smooth pipeline when you spend so much time trying to keep up with countless post-it notes and spreadsheets, let alone entering them into a CRM.

The REI/kit Lead Lists tool, processes your leads directly into your REI/kit CRM.

The CRM is built for the wholesaler’s unique needs, in order to gather and track crucial information, that could make or break a deal.

Even better, each lead has a dedicated Seller Lead profile for tracking, updating, and monitoring every lead, right down to their motivating factors.


Text, RVM, Email Marketing & Follow-Up

Consistency with your leads is key to getting them to trust you, and to come to believe that you can help them.

The REI/kit text, ringless voicemail, direct mail, and email marketing and automation campaigns tool makes it easy to introduce yourself, reach out to, and follow-up with, your leads.

Add your leads to one of ten already written drip campaigns, where each lead will receive a series of texts, ringless voicemails, direct mail and/or emails designed to get a response and say, “Yes, I want to sell you my house for cash!”

No need to copy and paste email and text content over and over, and no need for spreadsheets to keep track of what lead got what message and whether they replied.

Plus, Resources You Must Have

REIkit real estate investor websites

Real Estate Investor Websites

Capture motivated seller leads using REI/kit’s secure, high-converting, SEO and mobile friendly real estate investor website. Two-click setup, and integration with email marketing campaigns.

Rehab Estimate

Nationwide Rehab Costs Estimator

Rehab cost estimator including nationwide house rehab material and labor cost estimate data, so that you know the cost to rehab a house.

Wholesale Real Estate Presentation

Professional Deal Marketing Reports

Create professional reports to market your deals to cash buyers for resale. Full-color and fully-detailed to showcase your logo and deal numbers. Integrated with REI/kit websites.

ARV Estimate

Premium Comps & ARV

Premium property and comps data, including Cash Sale and REO indicators; adjust your comps for the most accurate ARV possible.

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