High Performance Real Estate Investor Websites for Lead Capture, and More...

With REI/kit not only do you get the most effective lead capture websites for motivated seller leads available today, but you also get access to an entire suite of expert lead generation, marketing automation, deal analysis, and deal marketing tools. All this for the price of just a website with the other guys.

“There is only one word for the support, it is Awesome... and I mean its the best out every company, yes much better then Google, GoDaddy, Adobe, I can't think any company that cares about all of his customers like Kuba does. Five Stars...” - Kevin B.

do you know where your next deal is coming from?

Have Motivated Sellers Come to You

Do you find yourself out all day, knocking on doors, sending mailers, cold calling, and getting little response?  

This is what chasing after cold leads looks like.

What would you say if I told you that there is a better way, where leads come to you to solve their problems and get their property sold?  

When motivated sellers are looking to solve their problems, the first thing that they do is they search on Google for their solution. 

If you have a website that can be found on Google, motivated seller leads come to you, day or night!

Websites are an always-on channel for motivated seller leads.  Do you have one?  If you do, is it SEO optimized so that it can be found?

Websites Designed to Rank in Google

REI/kit real estate investor websites are designed from the ground up to be SEO optimized and rank well in Google. How?

If you have been paying any attention to how Google is changing their ranking algorithms, all indications are that Google prioritizes sites that are mobile first, fast, and secure.  In fact, their latest algorithm update, completed their year long roll-out of mobile first indexing.  Sites that aren't mobile first are seeing massive drops in traffic.

Unlike 99% of website companies out there that use 16 year old technology from before when mobile phones were used for web searches, REI/kit websites are built from the ground up using the latest technology for the purposes of being mobile first, fast, and secure.

“It has everything a real estate investor could possibly need and more, at a very reasonable price. ”

Gururas K. - Co-Owner at HomeVestors-Dharma Properties, LLC

Mobile First

Our content templates are designed to be responsive so that they look great on any mobile device, and optimized for mobile first.


Not only have we built out an extremely fast server infrastructure to display your website, the code behind it has been designed from ground up to be as small as possible to demonstrably and significantly reduce loading times when compared to competing products.


99% of websites provided by our competition are built on WordPress, the most hacked platform in the world.  

Because security is a feature of REI/kit, we have chosen instead to deploy our product on the same platform that is used by the #1 e-commerce store provider in the world, with the same Credit Card level of security built into it to support billions of Internet transactions.


Your Lead Capture Websites are Integrated with REI/kit Software for House Flipping and Real Estate Wholesaling

Another problem with website only companies is that you will need to pay for additional subscriptions if you want a nationwide source of motivated seller leads, or if you want your leads to go into a CRM, be placed on text, ringless voicemail, direct mail and email marketing campaigns, run through analysis, and then marketing the deal for resale or funding. 

Your REI/kit real estate investor websites come included as part of the entire suite of tools and data for expert real estate deal generation, analysis and deal marketing. Motivated seller leads from the Leads List tool flow into your REI/kit CRM, from which you can then place those leads on an automation campaign! 

Create in Only 2 Clicks

Create your lead capture investor website in only 2 clicks.  No designers needed: pre-generated templates and content gets you started in minutes, not months.

SEO Optimized

The result of the founder's years of experience running the SEO technology of a top 30 Internet company with millions of business listings ranked at the top of Google.

Integrated with Tools & Data

Not just a website. The site is integrated with the REI/kit suite of tools and data for expert deal analysis and marketing. 


Investors From All Walks of Life Love REI/kit

REIkit's feature rich software has intuitive navigation, document structures familiar to Real Estate and construction contractor professionals and pulls data from reliable and accurate official record repositories and databases. I will not make an offer on a property or complete a deal until I have developed a project in REIkit.

Ronald B.


14 Day Trial of Websites and Tools

We offer a no-risk 14 day trial so that you can create your website and try out the integrated suite of tools today.

Capture Motivated Seller Leads

Warm leads are just two clicks away...

  • Our lead forms are based on decades of conversion rate optimization best practices.
  • Your website comes with all of the pages and forms necessary to start converting website visitors to leads.

Capture Buyer Leads

What's the best way to find buyers? Show them your deal inventory...

Show your deal inventory from within REI/kit to capture investor buyer leads right from your website.

Our Customers Love REI/kit

Here's why:

Website and an integrated suite of house flipping and wholesaling tools

Your suite of tools also includes:

> Nationwide Motivated Seller Leads List tool

> Contacts CRM, Virtual Phone Number, Text, Ringless Voicemail, Email, and Direct Mail Messaging Automation Campaigns

> Premium Comps for ARV and Comps Adjustment

> Nationwide Rehab Estimation

> Marketing Reports for Lenders and Cash Buyers

The software is very customizable and intuitive, I take all factors of the deal and puts in a great .pdf to share with anyone!

Kevin B.

Managing Member

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kuba.

Before becoming an investor, I ran digital marketing technology teams at fortune 500 companies getting thousands of businesses onto the front page of Google, and now I bring my expertise to you. 

As a real estate Investor, Realtor, Lender, and Developer, I know first hand the challenges that you face in your house flipping and wholesaling business.

And as someone who ran large digital marketing technology teams, I know that it can take a large team and budget to build a best-in-class website for effective lead generation.

With REI/kit, I bring you that combined knowledge and experience in a package that takes just 2 clicks to get started with, and at an affordable price.

No need for a team, no hosting, and no design required. 

Integrated With Marketing and Analysis Tools

Additionally, when you sign up for your risk-free trial, not only do you get a fully customizable website, but you also get access to ALL of the other tools in your selected plan, such as Motivated Seller Leads, Contacts CRM, Text, Ringless Voicemail, Email, and Direct Mail Automation Campaigns, Analysis Tools like Premium Data for Comps and ARV, Rehab Estimation, Loan History Information, Deal Marketing Reports, and more!




You are fully protected by our 100% Cancellation Guarantee.

Cancel anytime, for any reason. Your trial is absolutely risk-free, and we will even send a reminder email before your trial ends so that there are no surprises.


Here are some common questions about REI/kit.

How long is the trial period for?

The trial is for 14 days.

Can I cancel my trial?

Yes, you can cancel your trial at any time with zero obligation.

What happens after 14 days?

If you don't cancel at the end of the trial period your credit card on file will be charged your chosen plan amount.

Why do you require a credit card?

Our processor requires a credit card to avoid fraud and ensure service. We have zero access to any sensitive data.