Distressed Seller Lead Pages

If you know anything about how we operate, then you know that our primary goal is to provide you with the tools and data to help make you a successful real estate investor. Whether you’re wholesaling houses, or house flipping, or finding rentals by marketing direct to seller, we are only successful if you are successful.

To that end, after spending many months in product development, writing over 19,000 lines of code, and building out a completely new highly scalable and secure infrastructure, I am proud to release the next generation product in our suite of real estate investor tools: REI/kit Real Estate Investor Websites.

REI/kit real estate investor websites are the culmination of over 20 years of digital marketing technology expertise, finely honed when I was previously responsible for the SEO technology organization at one of the top 30 Internet properties getting millions of pages onto first page of Google results, expanded with the knowledge of what is working right now


What does Google want you to do to improve your ranking right now?

Outside of unique high quality content and backlinks, which you will need to create regardless of which website provider you use, if you have been paying any attention at all to the changes that Google has been making in the last 6 months, the name of the game for ranking is mobile first, with a high premium on security.

That means the most important technical factors outside of content are speed, security and mobile optimized design.

This is where we have you covered. And the other guys? Well, they’re using old technology from 16 years ago, and the old way of doing things.

How is that?

99% of all of the other investor website providers out there, are a theme on top of WordPress, the most hacked CMS in the world. Because of this, they are also slow, and not mobile first. Just look at their source code, and you will see megabytes of unnecessary bloated code to show every hackable widget on a page. Do you think Google looks at that when they rank a page? You bet they do.

This is not us. This is not our philosophy.

REI/kit websites for real estate investors are custom built from the ground up to be secure, fast, and mobile friendly, using the same battle tested technology used by the number #1 e-commerce store provider in the world.

This gives you the piece of mind of credit-card level of security, speed, an amazing level of configurability, and none of the headache of constantly getting hacked and trying to hire someone to fix the damage. The cost is that you don’t get to add that random widget from that shady site onto your webpage.

All this to say that while I can’t guarantee what your rankings will be if you use REI/kit to build your investor website, I can guarantee that your choice of REI/kit will not be the reason that you are not ranking.

But that is not all. Once you do rank, you are after leads after all.

REI/kit Investor Websites build upon decades of conversion optimization best practices to ensure that the leads that do visit your site, are going to be much more likely to convert and send you their information.


What do you get with a REI/kit investor website out of the box?

The websites feature in REI/kit will give you the following capabilities:

> Create a complete real estate investor website with just one button click

> Search Engine Optimized (SEO) from the start to get you ranking on Google, with search-optimized text that speaks to your distressed seller

> Use your own domain or our subdomain

> Able to be secured with a secure certificate for even better rankings

> Create unlimited landing pages inside your website

> Responsive: your website and lead forms adapt to different browsers, phone screen sizes, and desktop machines. Hugely important if you advertise on mostly mobile social networks like Facebook

> Seller lead capture form integrates with Seller Leads CRM

> Deal inventory seamlessly integrated with your REI/kit marketing pages


Deep Dive of Websites Feature

So let’s dive a little bit deeper into each of the features that you will get in a Website compatible plan:



You can easily add your own domain to your website. No domain? No problem! Your full-featured Website will be created as a subdomain on the reikit.net domain until you can purchase one at any one of the discount domain sellers.


Real Estate Investor Websites Templates

Beautiful fully configurable website templates including landing page, deal inventory, blog post, blog index.


Pre-Generated Pages

Your Website comes pre-generated with of SEO-optimized pages that are ready to use, and you can add them with one-click functionality. This way you don’t have to start with a blank page and can instead focus on the specific messaging that fits your brand.

2 clicks, and you have a website with the following pages:

Home page

Page for Motivated Sellers

Wholesale Real Estate Deals page

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Contact Us

Terms of service

Privacy policy

And a page for listing your Blog posts


Create unlimited landing pages

The library of pre-generated pages allows you to create a landing page for each target market in no time at all.

For example, say you are looking to market to motivated sellers in more than one area.

You can generate lead/landing pages for each of your service areas, and simply change the page url (slug) to contain the area name, such as:

https://www.webuyhousesstlouis.com/tower-grove <—

Easy-peasy, no technical knowledge required.



Motivated Seller Forms: In-page forms allow motivated sellers to submit their contact information directly, to get a cash offer for their property. These seller leads are imported directly into the REI/kit CRM.

Cash Buyer Forms: Growing your cash buyers list may be one of your goals.

Cash buyers can fill out a form to be added to your list, or to get more information about a property you are selling or have under contract.

What’s the best way to grow your cash buyer’s list? Have a way to show them your inventory, and I have you covered there too with deal inventory marketing pages.


Deal Inventory Page

Have a deal?

Display it on your Deal Inventory Page by simply toggling it ON in the marketing section of your deal. You can also set it to “Closed” status, which will create a “Sold” banner across the property on the screen, creating a sense of urgency for investors to get in touch with you.


Website Security

Secure Certificate: You have the ability to add a very low cost no commitment plan for a secure certificate that will add a significant element of trustworthiness to your site, which Google also recognizes as it prioritizes Secure vs Not Secure sites.

This certificate will remove the “Not Secure” text in the Chrome browser bar, for example, and add some peace of mind to worried sellers that you are not a fly-by-night operation.

It is also a very important SEO ranking signal.


Social Proof

Add social proof by adding all of your social links to your social media profiles to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Fill in the testimonial section for additional for additional social proof that you take care of your customers.



Easily integrated with the most popular SEO and website analytics tools by adding your IDs for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Events, and Bing Webmaster Tools.


Add Your Facebook Retargeting Pixel

Add your Facebook pixel to retarget visitors to your site to increase conversions of people who may not have submitted a lead form.


The biggest reason for building your Website with REI/kit

For the same price, while you might only get a website from one of the website companies, with REI/kit, not only do you get a website that rivals and beats theirs in may ways, but you also get the integration with the extensive suite of deal analysis and marketing tools that we have perfected over the last several years!

With REI/kit you get both for the price of one.

No need for separate tools, no need to transfer data from one system to another. Just one button click, so you can move quickly on a property before someone else does.


Click here to start a free trial and build your next generation real estate investor website.