Direct Mail Postcard Preview

Direct Mail Postcards are Now Launched in REI/kit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Direct Mail Postcards are Now Launched in REI/kit (Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Marketing Just Got Real)   Hi there, There is a massive shift going on in the marketing channels used by the virtual wholesale real estate industry, requiring expert marketers to completely rethink how they’re getting their message out.  Anyone using one single marketing channel to get their message out right now is feeling the pinch. Let’s take cold calling for example. We’ve all gotten car warranty phone calls. Like me, you likely stopped picking up the phone, and if you or your VA’s cold call leads, you probably noticed that fewer and fewer leads pick… Read More

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REIkit Leads List Tool Quick List Creator Screen

[Product Update] Motivated Seller Lead Lists Tool Launched!

If you have been with us for a while then you should be getting used to the regular frequency with which I send new significant product releases that we launch in the software. It seems like it was just yesterday that we released email automation, which followed investor websites, which followed the CRM, which followed … you get the point. Although the software has already evolved into one of the most powerful tools in your real estate investing toolbox, there was one thing that has eluded us for far too long…until now. Motivated Seller Leads! The problem with adding leads to REI/kit has always been the ability to source high… Read More

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Screenshot of Inbound Call Records in REIkit

[LAUNCHED] Virtual Phone Numbers and Call Capture

We have launched the Phone Numbers tool and Call Lead Capture feature! In the REI/kit Dashboard, we’ve built out the tools you need to find more properties to wholesale and flip, by getting highly motivated seller leads with the Leads List tool, having those leads skip-traced and processed right into the CRM, creating Analysis Projects right from the Lead Profile, and calling and emailing those leads immediately. Now we fold in the Call Lead Capture feature into REI/kit! Here is a brief walkthrough of these features that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else: Choose a local and toll-free virtual number based on your marketing strategy Forward calls to your… Read More

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Email Marketing Automation

[Software Update] Put your lead follow up on auto-pilot with Email Marketing Automation

The most massive update to the REI/kit suite of tools since the release of Websites is now launched! Automated Email Follow Up Campaigns within REI/kit are going to fundamentally change your business. In this post there will be a feature by feature deep dive of the new Email Marketing system, to show you how the tool makes it ridiculously easy to follow up with your leads to start getting into more deals. This post covers: – The NEW REI/kit Dashboard – What Email Marketing Automation is – Deep Dive of Email & Task Automation features – Email Analytics: Opened and Clicked Indicators   Brand New REI/kit Dashboard REI/kit has expanded… Read More

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Distressed Seller Lead Pages

REI/kit Real Estate Investor Websites launched: Rank better, and capture more warm motivated seller leads than ever before

If you know anything about how we operate, then you know that our primary goal is to provide you with the tools and data to help make you a successful real estate investor. Whether you’re wholesaling houses, or house flipping, or finding rentals by marketing direct to seller, we are only successful if you are successful. To that end, after spending many months in product development, writing over 19,000 lines of code, and building out a completely new highly scalable and secure infrastructure, I am proud to release the next generation product in our suite of real estate investor tools: REI/kit Real Estate Investor Websites. REI/kit real estate investor websites… Read More

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Announcement: Zapier Integration Beta Program Opening

Software Update – Limited Zapier Beta Program Opening Announcement The team at REI/kit has been burning the midnight oil on the Next Big Thing in our suite of wholesaling and house flipping tools: our highly anticipated Zapier integration! Until now, REI/kit has always been a complete all-in-one system, and proudly so. -We launched in 2016 with our deal analysis tools, with thousands of investors having performed over 255,000 property analyses to date. -Then came our one-click websites, virtual phone numbers, CRM 1.0 and 2.0, and lead lists generator. -We were the first software that integrated five outbound marketing channels into a single software – text, ringless voicemail, email, direct mail… Read More

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Example of the New Comps and ARV Tool

Real Estate Investment Software Product Update

In this product update post I wanted to follow up on our most recent successful launch of support for premium data sources in the goal of our future MLS integrations coming out later this year. This post is an overview of what was changed and how those changes increase your chances of success in your business.   Latest Software Updates: Premium Data Records Support (Data Coming Soon) New Property Info Owner and Loan Data Tax Amount Data Comps and ARV Tool Updates New Proprietary Comps Selection Algorithm Comps Distance Added Comps Upload Update House Flipping and Wholesaling ROI Calculation Updates   Premium Data Record Support (Data Coming Soon) In preparation… Read More

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Property Data Features Header

House Flipping, Wholesaling, & Real Estate Investment Software Product Update: Premium Data Release

If you are a premium customer of REI/kit House Flipping, Wholesaling, and Real Estate Investment Software, you may have noticed some changes that have appeared in the property details page after you created a new project. This is because we have launched the first premium public record data source integration for our paid subscription customers….keeping our promise to create the ultimate deal decision support tools out there, to make your deals more profitable.   Crucial New Property Data With this release you now have access to so much more data on a target property, up to 50 data points, something our competitors simply cannot afford to provide to you. Some… Read More

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Rental, Multi-Family, and BRRRR Deal Analysis Released

After months of feedback from our customers, and the resulting product development, and improvements, I’m proud to announce the release of our latest features catering to buy and hold investors who buy and improve distressed properties for long-term cash flow.   Whereas the original focus of the software was purely to support fix-and-flip investors, the overwhelming feedback from our customers, and the current trends in investing are to purchase distressed properties and improve them as part of a long term buy and hold strategy.   To that end, the software not only continues to be the best in breed for in-depth analysis of the purchase, and fix and flip strategy… Read More

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Lien History Example

The House Flipping & Wholesaling Game Has Changed: Loan History Data Launched!

For immediate release: House Flipping, Wholesaling, & Real Estate Investment Software has released another premium data launch that will forever improve your ability to get more deals done faster and more profitably. This time, as promised, we launched loan history data, now available in all of our premium subscription plans nationwide.  This is the second part of our premium data upgrade for all of our paid subscription customers. You can read about the first part of our premium data upgrade where we launched premium property data to give you a complete picture of your target property here: House Flipping, Wholesaling, & Real Estate Investment Software Product Update: Premium Data… Read More

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