Continuing in our tradition of constantly delivering more and more value, and aggressively executing our roadmap, I’m proud to announce that we have released the email messaging functionality into the REI/kit CRM.


What is CRM Email Messaging?

Where previously your REI/kit CRM was used to manage all of your lead details, deal analysis and marketing projects, and tasks, you can now easily send emails to leads from within your REI/kit CRM.  If the lead replies to the email, it will even be automatically recorded in the CRM keeping track of all of your lead communications in one place.


How does REI/kit Email streamline my business?

If you have 1,000’s of leads, even if you only have 5 leads, you will find that you need a way to keep track of your lead communication in just one place.

What better way to manage your email communications, than to have a central inbox inside of the software where you store your lead profiles?


Why would you message leads from the REI/kit CRM instead of regular email program?

Keep a complete picture of your lead communication status

When you just use your regular email program for communicating with your leads, you lose visibility of those communications over time.  If instead you use REI/kit to communicate with your leads, all of those communications will be recorded in the CRM for you to have a complete picture of your lead messaging and their status.


Visibility of communication across your entire team

If you have multiple members on your acquisition team, you can keep track of lead communications by your entire team.  This way, each touch with your lead will be recorded and visible in the CRM by the entire team.


Is Email available in all plans?

Email is active in plans that include the CRM: Professional and Business plans, with generous terms:

Up to 2,000 emails per month with the Professional plan, and up to 5,000 emails per month with the Business plan.

You can add on 5,000 emails to your plan for an additional $10 per month.


Can I send bulk email?

At this time, bulk email is not a supported. For that, I recommend MailChimp.


Will pricing go up?

Believe it or not, we didn’t raise prices for new customers with this additional value, but I make no promises for the Next Big Thing that is coming, and we do have a pretty aggressive roadmap!

Try out the entire suite of REI/kit tools with a free trial today, by clicking on this link and choosing a Professional or Business Plan: Plans & Pricing