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What is the Subject To Real Estate Investment Strategy?

Subject To real estate investing strategies can be one of the most accessible methods of starting in real estate investing if you are a new investor, and for experienced investors, it can be yet another strategy to add to your toolbox of creative real estate financing. This is because Subject… Read more

The Benefits and Risks of Investing in Real Estate Subject To an Existing Mortgage

Purchasing real estate subject to an existing mortgage is a great investing tool when implemented correctly. In Part 1 of this series, What is the Subject To Real Estate Investment Strategy?, I explained what buying Subject To is, why a seller would agree to it, and what exit strategies are available… Read more

The Steps to a Subject To Real Estate Deal

In Part 1 of this series on how to transact Subject To deals, I explained exactly what is Subject To investing and how you can both profit from them and help a distressed homeowner as well. Part 2 outlined the risks and benefits of entering into a subject to transaction… Read more

The Essential Documents and Contract Clauses to Purchase a Property Subject To

In this post, I dive deeper into the essential documents that you’ll need for a Subject To deal, and some of the clauses that you should insert into the contracts to help protect you. If this is the first part of this series on Subject To that you’ve come across,… Read more
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35 Relationships To Help You Find More Houses To Flip

Facebook ads, landing pages with funnels, and Craigslist posts may be some of the first methods that you reach for when you think about getting discount real estate leads and improving your house flipping pipeline, but real estate is very much a relationship business, and relationships are still some of… Read more
27 Ways To Find Off-Market Wholesale Real Estate Deals Offline

27 Ways to Find Off-Market & Wholesale Real Estate Deals: Offline

In order to find wholesale real estate deals that have enough of a spread between acquisition price and improved value to make real estate wholesalers and house flippers a profit, requires not only hustle and hard work, but also finding effective strategies that reach distressed property owners. When most people… Read more
Online Real Estate Deals

55 Resources to Find Real Estate Deals Online

Where traditional lead generation techniques to find wholesale and off-market real estate deals require you to go out and pound the pavement: drive the streets, post bandit signs, knock on doors, to name a few; the internet has opened up a whole new set of options to finding real estate… Read more
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How to Find Real Estate Comps and Calculate After Repair Value

The first thing when flipping a house, is figuring out it's value after improvements.  In this post I'll a look at how to find real estate comps and how to come up with an accurate After Repair Value (ARV). In real estate, the cardinal rule is that you should never… Read more
House Flipping Rehab Cost Estimate

How to Estimate Real Estate Rehab Construction Costs

I'll go into detail about how to come up with accurate real estate rehab costs by helping you through the process of identifying a number of common house rehab items that you might need to think about doing in your fix and flip project, and what they should cost. Accurate… Read more
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Wholesale Property Marketing Tips: The Critical Components of A Wholesale Deal Sheet to Sell More Contracts

Effective marketing of your wholesale property deals is a critical component to your real estate wholesaling business. As important as it is, unfortunately this is the one area many wholesalers spend the least amount of time fine-tuning. In this post, I’ll go over the information you need to turbo-charge your… Read more