Top 14 real estate wholesaling software tools

In this research and education guide for real estate wholesalers, we’re going to introduce the best real estate wholesaling software tools and features.

We will list the best tools for real estate wholesaling and the most important features within each of those tools.

We also provide some insight on how most software providers price each tool, to give you a general idea of whether it makes sense for you to incorporate that tool into your own investing systems.

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have clarity on the best software you need to scale your real estate business.

Ready to have a software roadmap that will point to profits?

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First, the best tools for lead generation:


1. Software to Purchase Motivated Seller Leads

dart board with three darts in bulls eye representing lead generation

In a nutshell, wholesaling depends on your ability to quickly identify owners who are motivated to sell.

The key phrase here is “quickly”, and savvy wholesalers use real estate wholesaling software to cut down on time spent identifying those owners.

Instead of sending marketing materials to everyone who lives in a geographic area, they use software first to select only those people who match specific motivation and property criteria.

For example, they could choose a list of only high equity, or absentee owners, or only vacant owners.

By buying lists of people who match your wholesaling criteria, you give your business a leg up and can scale much faster.


The best software to generate real estate leads faster will have features such as:

Nationwide data

Multiple types of motivated seller leads such as absentee and vacant

Ability to use advanced list-stacking to stack multiple lead types

Includes free leads that are already skip-traced to get property owners information. (99% of software out there that claim to give you free leads, don’t actually give you any contact information and require you to still skip trace them, so they are not actually free.  The best software includes free leads that are already skip traced so you can immediately start marketing.)

Filters to drill down easily through property data, motivation factors, demographic

Integrated with a multi-channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to start communicating immediately

Checked against the National Do Not Call registry

Note about DNC: Some software will not have a Do Not Call check as an option in their skip tracing. We recommend avoiding any software that does not provide this service, as the consequences for calling someone on this list can be catastrophic.

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription + per lead cost + per lead DNC check

When you look at your per-lead cost, make sure that you compare apples to apples.

Some software providers claim to offer you unlimited leads for free as part of their monthly subscription. However, they are not really leads, as they contain no contact information and cannot be marketed to immediately.

Only compare leads, and their per-lead cost, of leads with contact information.

The average per-lead cost of unqualified leads with contact information is $0.20, and you may pay more for a lead type that is harder to find.

Monthly subscriptions of software that sell leads ranges from $0 to $295, depending on what other services they provide.

REI/kit wholesaling software plans include an allotment of free already skip traced motivated seller leads so you can start marketing without first needing to spend money to skip trace.

Once you have obtained leads via any channel, whether buying lists of leads or otherwise, you can start marketing to them.


2. Direct Mail Marketing Software

image of mailboxes to signify direct mail

Getting right in front of your lead exactly where they live is why direct mail continues to be relevant to market your business to motivated sellers.

Direct mail offers high deliverability rates and appeals to a broad audience who appreciates postcards that they can hold and keep until they are ready to sell.


Direct mail software features include:

Done-for you postcard templates to immediately send direct mail campaigns

Customization options such as logo

Multiple sizes and speeds to choose from

Option to send direct mail postcards to many contacts at once

Drip campaigns for multi-week postcard sends

Software integrated with mailing service for faster sends

Mail event tracking

Returned to sender tracking

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription + Cost per postcard sent

The average monthly subscription cost of services that offer direct mail sends is $125/month, although it depends on the number of mailings that you send.  The more you send, the higher the monthly subscription cost.

The average unit cost of the least expensive postcard is $0.875.

REI/kit’s lowest size Direct Mail Postcards on the most popular plan cost $0.686 at the writing of this guide.  Check current direct mail pricing here.


3. Real Estate SMS Text Messaging Software

cell phone for texting distressed sellers

SMS text marketing has excellent read and reply rates averaging 95% and higher.

SMS is ideal for real estate wholesalers who want to get a conversation started quickly.


The best SMS marketing software features include:

Send text messages in a blast to sellers and buyers

Multi-text drip campaigns

Pre-built SMS templates

Receive text messaging (2-way messaging)

Integrated with a CRM for tracking conversations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled for optimal reply rates

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription + Cost per text message sent

The costs here can vary widely depending on the services and integrations that you require.

For example, you can pay for an SMS sending platform, which may come with no monthly fee but offers just the sending component.

Unless you are extremely technically savvy, this is not a good solution for most marketers, as it won’t contain the features necessary to run successful campaigns.

The average monthly subscription cost of software that offers SMS sending is $125/month with an average unit cost of $0.04/message.

As of the writing of this guide, REI/kit pricing for the most popular plan is a $104 subscription, with $0.03 per text message.


4. Ringless Voicemail (RVM) Software


Real estate lead generation through cold calling can be done more effectively with software that automate sending voicemails to your leads.

A ringless voicemail drop discreetly deposits your recorded voicemail into a lead’s voicemail box without ringing their phone.

If you have ever wanted to have your message heard by thousands to initiate that first contact and get return calls, ringless voicemail is a great option.


RVM software features include:

Importing your own voicemail messages

Ability to send a voicemail blast

RVM weekly drip campaigns

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription + Cost per RVM sent

There are very few providers that have ringless voicemail software, therefore the average cost of a monthly subscription tends to be higher, towards $200/month.

The average unit cost of an RVM depends on how many you send, however you can expect to pay around $0.10 per message.


5. Email Marketing Software

computer screen for email newsletter

Email — a low-risk and low-cost marketing method — is an important stepping-stone to introduce your brand and solution proposition at length to sellers who are curious about what you offer.


The best email marketing software features include:

Already created for you broadcast emails or email drip campaigns

Automated emails to sellers who submit website contact form

Content placeholders, such as for first name or property address to reduce tedious typing

Opened and clicked link indicators

Uses best practices and back end systems that contribute to high deliverability

Typical Pricing

Monthly Subscription + Cost per email sent

Subscription costs for email marketing software are usually determined by either the send volume, or the number of contacts.

As a result costs can range from free, to thousands of dollars per month, with unit costs per email also being largely determined by the volume of emails sent.


6. Phone System for Cold Calling and Followup

hands free headset for cold calling

Cold calling is an exceptional way to reach out to sellers, but there’s a way to be smart about it:

Using a virtual phone number instead of your personal number is protection for you and your business.

There are many other reasons to get virtual numbers, also known as burner or throw-away numbers.

You can create a phone number for each campaign you create to monitor the success of responses to that particular campaign.

You may also select a specific number for each seller geographic area. By choosing an area code that is the same as the recipients, you automatically become more relevant and familiar.

In addition, you can assign phone numbers to team members or virtual assistants to monitor their performance.


Virtual phone number features include:

Can assign specific numbers to cold calling, SMS marketing, and RVM

Multiple phone numbers available

Assign numbers to team members for inbound and outbound calls

Inbound calls automatically create a contact in the CRM

Choice of whether to route calls to one or multiple recipients or send to voicemail

Recording and transcription available

Web Phone for overseas virtual assistants

Typical Pricing

Monthly Subscription + Cost per phone number + Cost per minute + Recording & Transcription

A typical monthly subscription for software that allows you to make outbound calls can start at $100 per month. Such software may include some metered usage items, such as a bundle of included minutes, just like a regular phone plan.

The typical additional costs include:

Phone numbers; with toll free being more expensive

Talk time; typically billed in, and rounded up to, minutes

Recording of conversations; also incurring a by-the-minute cost.



7. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns


example of a multi-channel lead generation drip campaign


As we mentioned above, the best marketing software for real estate wholesalers allows you to combine methods and create customized multi-channel campaigns.

Multi-channel marketing, also known as omni-channel marketing, provides many benefits.

These benefits range from improved outreach to contacts, to hands-off marketing for wholesalers, to a streamlined communication process.


The best multi-channel marketing software features include:

Multi-day ready-to-use campaigns

Campaigns created for specific types of motivated sellers

Build-your-own campaigns with any combination

Deliver campaign communications as a drip or an immediate blast

Task creation when response received

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription + Cost per item sent

The monthly subscription pricing of these software falls somewhere between $65-$300, and your comparison shouldn’t be on price, but on the number of marketing channels enabled.

Where scaling with multi-channel can explode your leads, a CRM will keep you on track and in the moment.


8. Best Real Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

chalkboard showing items sorted to represent a crm

CRM software is a central place that houses all of your real estate business contacts.

If you have been using post-its, scanning documents, or scribbling notes, you’ll find that an online CRM is invaluable.

The CRM will allow you to communicate with, and most crucially, follow up with your leads.

Finally, a complete real estate CRM built specifically for real estate wholesalers will optimize contact management workflow and systematize tasks.


CRM database features include:

Ability to call, send emails, text messages, and direct mail to your motivated seller leads and other contacts from within the CRM

See a record of your activities

Start contacts on a marketing automation campaign

Automate creation of tasks

Assign tasks to team members

Skip-trace a contact directly within the CRM

Data collection:

Record of every communication with a contact

Seller property lead sheets and property details

Integrated with website forms

Integrated with outside systems via Zapier

Data management and advanced filtering:

Segment sellers, buyers, and other types of contacts

Assign tags

Set status

Upload and store photos and documents

List importing:

Import a list of leads from a file

Mapping tool available to assign data columns quickly

Skip trace imported leads for additional contact information

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription:

Most online CRMs have a subscription pricing model that is determined by the number of contacts that are stored.

This number that can range from free, to thousands of dollars per month.


9. Skip Tracing Tools

wooden blocks with contact information symbols

For real estate wholesalers, contact information is absolutely crucial.

A list of property owners names and their property address are useless without a way to market to them.

Skip tracing services help bridge the gap, giving investors a way to get mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of the owners.


The best skip tracing softwares include:

In-house or in-platform processing that provides fast results, rather than data orders with a long turnaround time using a separate service

Data returned instantly, rather than exporting and importing from separate softwares

Bulk and multi-tiered available

Typical Pricing

Typical pricing starts at $0.12 to $0.15 cents per contact, depending on whether it includes Do-Not-Call lookups.

The best software charges no minimum requirement on skip trace orders.

In addition, it performs that crucial Do Not Call registry after finding the phone numbers.


10. Lead Generating Websites

laptop and tablet and cell phone screen showing same website

Real estate wholesaling websites support three critical components of running a reputable business: brand awareness, lead generation, and presenting a professional image to sellers and other investors.


Real estate wholesaling website builder features include:

High converting website templates specifically for wholesaling and investors

Easy to create

Ability to link domain name to website

Hosting included

Customization with a virtual phone number, images, and business logo

SEO optimized to rank on Google

Personalized URL to market the website to sellers via social media, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads

Linking to Google Search Console, Facebook retargeting pixel, and Google Ads

Attracts sellers to submit their information for a cash offer

Attracts cash buyers to submit their property deal criteria

Mobile responsive

Lead capture automatically funnels into a CRM

Ability to display properties under contract for cash buyer interest

Typical Pricing

$40-$65 Monthly

Once those deals start flowing in, you’ll need data and information to analyze the properties.


11. Deal Analysis for Real Estate Investors

man analyzing real estate investment on computer with chart

Wholesalers, real estate investors, and other real estate professionals must understand the complete picture of a real estate investment opportunity, in order to add value to a transaction.

The best real estate wholesaling software must also include a deal analysis platform, to ensure successful pipeline of deals.

The software will provide the client, property flippers, and lenders with detailed financials and comps.


The best software for investment analysis features:

Analyze wholesale deals

Run accurate comps

Calculate ARV

Comps adjustment tool to laser in on valuation

Estimate rehab costs

Provide 70% rule calculations

Analyze other property types

Rentals, BRRRR opportunities, and multi-family cash flow analysis

Property rehab estimation

Exit strategy analysis for multiple types of real estate investing

Property data

Property records and details such as assessments, tax rolls, land value

Premium comps from top public data sources

Unlimited deed history lookups

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription:

Software that just provides analysis starts at $50/month.


12. Marketing Reports for Wholesaling and Real Estate Investing

On top of analyzing the deal, you’ll need to have a way to share your results with key parties in a transaction.

Real estate wholesaling software should make it easy to generate property reports to distribute to other real estate investors, lenders, and cash buyers.


Features should include:

Cash buyer, Lender, and Private Money deal report generation

Display comps and ARV, deal terms, and rehab estimation

Ability to toggle on and off delicate information

Ability to share reports in a variety of formats

Typical Pricing

Monthly subscription or Per-report costs

You can expect to spend from $5 to several hundred dollars on a single report.


13. Integrations

Wholesalers who are already using a tool or real estate wholesaling software in their business should make sure that it is able to integrate with others.

One such large integration partner is Zapier, which can be used to create connections between softwares.

For example, you can use these integrations so as to send information from external website forms directly into a CRM.

Typical Pricing

Some real estate wholesaling software require an upgrade to a premium plan, or charge a $25-$35 Subscription add-on cost.


14. Team Access

team of real estate investors

The most limiting factor in your ability to scale your business is yourself, and the most successful entrepreneurs know that in order to grow their business, they must grow their teams.

The best real estate wholesaling software is capable of supporting teams.

Real estate wholesaler and investor teams need to be able to work on the same projects, leads, CRM and other aspects of the business.

This is true whether for acquisitions, dispositions, or a combination of those.


Team features include:

Ability to invite partners and other real estate investors to use the software

Sync up with virtual assistants, cold call teams, marketers, web designers and others

Permissions-based access, or limited views, to specific tools in your account

Typical Pricing

It is not uncommon to pay around $20 per seat for each team member.


Scaling with Marketing Automation Tools

We just covered the most effective marketing methods and the features that should be included in each individual software.

To scale your business, automation is crucial, and we listed the kind of software necessary to accomplish your goals as effectively as possible.

Automation is the most efficient way to scale finding highly motivated sellers

Traditionally, marketing to find wholesale properties included driving for dollars, bandit signs, paper marketing flyers, and writing letters.

Those methods involve researching properties one-by-one and then contacting the owners to see if they are motivated.

However, all of these have one problem in common, and that is scale.

To achieve scale, you might need to also enable automation campaigns that send postcards, SMS, ringless voicemail or email marketing, allowing you to reach thousands of people at once.

In addition, by utilizing five channels for every lead, you increase your marketing footprint and can up to 5x your deal flow.

However, sending marketing campaigns to each lead using more than one software program for each marketing channel can be time-consuming and confusing.

Real estate wholesaling software that combines all of these methods and automates the process are the key to success.


Key Takeaway

To scale your real estate wholesaling business faster and close more deals it’s crucial to have a software system that consists of a combination of marketing, followup, and deal analysis tools.

In this guide we listed the top 14 best real estate wholesaling tools and features that you should consider as part of your real estate wholesaling systems.

When properly combined, they can all work together to help you skyrocket lead generation through automation, cutting down on repetitive tasks, and successful management of communication with your leads to close more deals.

You should now be able to confidently choose the tools and features that you need for your real estate wholesaling software system in order to fulfill all of your business goals.