ChatGPT for real estate wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling is a fast-paced industry where connecting with motivated seller leads can make or break your success. One powerful tool in a wholesaler’s arsenal is SMS marketing, an efficient and effective means of communication with potential sellers. Crafting well-tailored and persuasive SMS messages is critical to capturing the attention of your target audience and encouraging them to engage with your business.

In this article, we will discuss how ChatGPT can help you generate tailored SMS text messages to motivated seller leads.

We will also explore how psychology plays a role in crafting effective messages to win over your leads.

Finally, using those psychological factors, we list eight different types of seller leads and provide prompt examples for each one, to generate SMS messages that resonate with each group.

Stay tuned as we dive into the world of SMS marketing for real estate wholesaling and learn how ChatGPT can revolutionize the way you connect with your prospects.

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with strategies, tips, and powerful AI tools to take your SMS marketing efforts to the next level.


The Art of Personalization: Crafting Messages that Resonate

When it comes to SMS marketing, personalization is key. Targeting specific seller lead types with tailored messages increases the chances of making a connection and ultimately closing a deal.

This is where ChatGPT, an advanced language model powered by OpenAI, comes into play.

ChatGPT can help you create custom-tailored SMS messages for various seller lead types, ensuring a consistent and effective approach to your marketing efforts.

Coupled with RE/kit’s ability to automatically insert a seller’s name and property address into each text message using merge variables, personalization of your text messages will be highly tailored to each seller.


The ChatGPT Advantage

Utilizing ChatGPT with REI/kit for your SMS marketing provides numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness.

By generating customized messages for each seller lead type, you can save time and ensure that your messaging aligns with the unique needs and motivations of your target audience.

As we explore the different types of seller leads, we’ll also provide examples of how ChatGPT can generate impactful SMS messages for each group.

Unlocking the Power of Seller Psychology

Understanding seller psychology is crucial when crafting SMS messages that effectively engage and resonate with your target audience. By applying key psychological principles, you can create messages that speak to the unique motivations and concerns of each seller lead type, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.


Strategies for Success: Psychology-Driven Messaging

To effectively leverage psychology in your SMS marketing, consider the following tips and strategies:


Establish rapport and demonstrate empathy.

Building rapport and demonstrating empathy with your seller leads is crucial for establishing trust and fostering a positive relationship.

Show that you understand their concerns and can relate to their situation by using empathetic language in your SMS messages.


Use social proof to build credibility and trust.

Social proof refers to the tendency for people to trust and follow the actions of others.

To leverage this principle, include testimonials, success stories, or case studies in your SMS messages.

Demonstrating your track record and the satisfaction of your past clients can help build trust and credibility with your seller leads.



Reciprocity is the idea that people feel compelled to return favors or give back when they receive something.

To leverage this principle in your SMS marketing, consider offering valuable information, resources, or insights to your seller leads. This gesture can create a sense of obligation, making them more likely to engage with your message.


Address the seller’s pain points and motivations.

To craft effective SMS messages, it’s essential to understand the unique pain points and motivations of your seller leads.

By addressing these concerns directly, you demonstrate your awareness of their situation and your ability to provide tailored solutions.

This targeted approach can significantly increase the chances of a positive response from the seller.


Appeal to the seller’s emotions and personal values.

Emotions play a significant role in decision-making, and appealing to a seller’s emotions can greatly influence their response to your SMS messages.

Identify the emotions and personal values that are relevant to each seller lead type, and tailor your messages to evoke those emotions.


Highlight scarcity and urgency to encourage action.

Scarcity is a powerful motivator, as people tend to place higher value on things they perceive as limited or exclusive.

In your SMS messages, highlight limited-time offers, exclusive opportunities, or the unique value you bring to the table as a real estate wholesaler.

Creating a sense of urgency can encourage seller leads to take action sooner.


Leveraging psychology in your SMS marketing can significantly increase the effectiveness of your messages and improve your connection with various seller lead types.

By addressing pain points and motivations, appealing to emotions and personal values, and establishing rapport through empathy, you can create powerful messages that resonate with your target audience and ultimately lead to greater success in your real estate wholesaling business.

Now that we’ve explored some key psychological principles that can help you craft persuasive SMS messages, let’s dive into specific seller lead types and how to tailor your messaging for each group.


Understanding the Unique Needs of Different Seller Lead Types

As we have stressed before, it is essential to recognize the distinct characteristics and motivations of various seller lead types.

By doing so, you can create tailored SMS messages that effectively address their unique needs and concerns, leading to a higher likelihood of engagement and success.

In this section, we’ll explore eight different seller lead types and provide prompt examples and insights into crafting messages that resonate with each group.


Each of the Message Examples for each seller type below can be copied and pasted directly into the REI/kit platform for an individual SMS text message, or into a Campaign sequence to send to many sellers. 


Unlocking Potential with Absentee Seller Leads

Absentee seller leads are property owners who do not reside at the property they own. They represent a valuable target for real estate wholesalers, as they may be more motivated to sell due to property management challenges or financial reasons.


Message Example for Absentee Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, managing a property like {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }} from far away can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team can help you explore your options or sell quickly for a hassle-free experience. Let’s connect and discuss your needs today – {{ company.owner_name }}


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message resonates with absentee seller leads by addressing their potential pain points (managing a property from a distance) and offering a solution (quick, fair cash offer). By demonstrating understanding and expertise in dealing with absentee owners, you establish trust and rapport.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Create an SMS message targeted at absentee property owners, highlighting the benefits of selling their property quickly and easily.”


Tapping into Vacant Seller Leads

Vacant seller leads are properties that are currently unoccupied. These sellers may be motivated to sell due to financial pressure, maintenance concerns, or security issues. As a real estate wholesaler, targeting vacant seller leads can yield profitable deals.


Message Example for Vacant Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, is your vacant property weighing you down? Let us lift the burden! We buy homes for cash and close quickly. Text us back for a free offer on {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }} today.


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message highlights the challenges of owning a vacant property, such as financial and maintenance concerns, and presents a solution in the form of a fast cash offer. By showing empathy and understanding of their situation, you’re more likely to engage the seller.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Generate an SMS message focused on connecting with vacant property owners, offering a stress-free solution for selling their unoccupied property.”


Capitalizing on High Equity Seller Leads

High equity seller leads are property owners with a significant amount of equity in their homes. They can be an attractive target for real estate wholesalers as they may be more flexible in negotiating a deal that works for both parties.


Message Example for High Equity Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, ready to unlock the full potential of your property at {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }}? Our competitive cash offer is designed to get you the best return possible. Let’s discuss your options today!


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message appeals to high equity sellers by emphasizing the potential for a high return on their investment. By acknowledging their strong financial position, you build credibility and demonstrate your ability to help them achieve their goals.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Craft an SMS message targeted at high equity property owners, highlighting the benefits of selling their property for a competitive cash offer.”


Navigating Low Equity Seller Leads

Low equity seller leads are property owners with minimal equity in their homes. They may be facing financial challenges or underwater on their mortgage, making them motivated sellers and a prime target for real estate wholesalers.


Message Example for Low Equity Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, are you struggling to sell {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }}? Our team specializes in creative options to get you the best return. Let us help you find a solution so you can move forward. Text us back to learn more.


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message demonstrates empathy and understanding for the financial challenges faced by low equity sellers. By offering to work together to find a solution, you position yourself as a trustworthy partner in their home-selling journey.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Create an SMS message for low equity property owners, offering support and solutions for their unique financial situation.”


Connecting with Empty-Nester Seller Leads

Empty-nester seller leads are property owners whose children have grown up and moved out, leaving them with excess space and potential desire to downsize. They represent a valuable target for real estate wholesalers, as they may be motivated to sell and transition to a more manageable living situation.


Message Example for Empty-Nester Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, ready to take the next step in life? Let us help you sell your property at {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }} and find the perfect place to start your new adventure. Text us back to discuss your plans!


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message acknowledges the emotional transition that empty-nesters are going through and offers a solution to help them move forward. By demonstrating empathy and offering assistance in their next chapter, you establish a connection with the seller.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Generate an SMS message aimed at empty-nester property owners, focusing on the benefits of downsizing and offering support throughout the selling process.”


Engaging Trust-Owned Seller Leads

Trust-owned seller leads are properties held in a trust, often due to inheritance or estate planning. These leads can be attractive to real estate wholesalers, as the individuals managing the trust may be motivated to sell the property quickly to settle the estate or fulfill the trust’s objectives.


Message Example for Trust-Owned Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, ready to turn your trust-owned property at {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }} into cash? Our team specializes in streamlining the selling process and providing top-dollar offers. Let’s chat and get you the best return possible.

The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message acknowledges the unique challenges associated with managing a trust-owned property and offers a solution to simplify the process. By demonstrating expertise in handling trust-owned properties, you build credibility and trust with the seller.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Compose an SMS message targeting trust-owned property leads, emphasizing the ease of selling their property and navigating the complexities of trust management.”


Reaching Corporate-Owned Seller Leads

Corporate-owned seller leads are properties owned by a company or business entity. These leads can be valuable for real estate wholesalers, as corporations may be motivated to sell due to changes in their business strategy or financial situation.


Message Example for Corporate-Owned Seller Leads:

{{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, ready to make your next strategic move? Our team can help you sell properties like {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }} for cash, fast and hassle-free. Let’s discuss next steps.


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message appeals to corporate-owned sellers by focusing on their business objectives and offering a quick, hassle-free solution. By demonstrating an understanding of their needs and positioning yourself as a supportive partner, you increase the likelihood of engaging the seller.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Write an SMS message for corporate-owned property leads, emphasizing a quick and hassle-free selling process that aligns with their business goals.”


Winning Over Seller-Financed Seller Leads

Seller-financed seller leads are property owners who received financing from the original seller of the property. They may be motivated to sell due to financial reasons or a desire to avoid the terms of the financing agreement. These leads present unique opportunities for real estate wholesalers. 


Message Example for Seller-Financed Seller Leads:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: “there”}}, I understand that dealing with seller-financed terms for your property at {{ contact.property_or_mailing_street_address }} can be challenging. If you’re interested in selling, we can provide a cash offer that helps you break free from your financing agreement. Let’s discuss your options and find a solution that works for you.


The Psychology Behind the Message:

This message acknowledges the potential difficulties and financial constraints associated with seller-financing and offers a solution to help the seller overcome those challenges. By showing empathy and understanding, you establish rapport and trust with the seller.


ChatGPT Prompt Example:

“Create an SMS message targeting seller-financed property leads, offering an opportunity to escape their financing agreement and receive a cash offer for a smoother selling experience.”


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Key Takeaways

The key to successful SMS marketing in real estate wholesaling lies in tailoring messages to different seller lead types, leveraging psychology to craft effective messages, and utilizing ChatGPT to generate tailored SMS messages efficiently and effectively.

Experiment with the provided prompt examples and test their effectiveness using ChatGPT to generate the text messages. Continuously learn about the psychology of seller behavior to refine your messaging strategy and maximize your marketing efforts.

Consider exploring additional resources or tools, such as ChatGPT-powered SMS platforms or AI-powered lead generation tools, like REI/kit SmartText AI technology, to further enhance your SMS marketing campaigns.

With the knowledge and strategies shared in this article, you are now better equipped to connect with more motivated seller leads.

Take action, implement these approaches, and watch your real estate wholesaling business thrive as you create more meaningful connections through tailored and persuasive SMS marketing.


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