Real estate wholesaling podcasts are growing faster than ever! There is no shortage of knowledgeable hosts and successful guests who have already been right where you’re standing now.

These podcasts offer a hefty dose of wholesaling real estate how-to, to help you get your wholesaling business off the ground.

Not a newbie? Join in for encouragement to crush your current real estate goals.

Below are the podcasts, starting with those that provide substantial wholesaling content.


Most Informative and Motivating Real Estate Wholesale Podcasts


  1. The Wholesaling Mastermind

Edward Hayes does a great job motivating his podcast audience to take action, and no wonder since he’s coached his clients to well over 1 million in assignment fees since 2017. These short, jam-packed episodes offer strategies that many other podcasts gloss over. You’ll learn how to successfully cold-call, perform virtual wholesaling, and get timeless advice for new wholesalers in a world where everything keeps shifting.


  1. Empire Lifestyle

Empire brings a personal touch to real estate podcasting. It’s hosted by a tried-and-true real estate investor Ola Abitogun, who got his start wholesaling houses, as many have. His episodes tend to be heavily focused on marketing and the entrepreneurial aspects of wholesaling, which take the listener beyond just the basics. Since he already has experience helping fellow entrepreneurs, he knows how to provide real, actionable advice that you can then take into your own business.


  1. Wholesaling Inc

This wholesaling houses podcast is hosted by a variety of real estate experts and pumps out tons of content monthly, with guidelines to become a successful wholesaler. Their podcast tagline is Baby Steps to Your First Real Estate Deal — and they deliver, offering exact step-by-step details of deals that they have personally done. Perfect for those actively wholesaling, who want to fine-tune your business based on others’ mistakes (or successes). If you are new to the industry and are looking to build it right, from the ground up, you’ll get a lot of value out of these episodes.


  1. School of Wholesaling

A true and simple real estate wholesaling podcast hosted by Luc Madeus that focuses only on wholesaling techniques. Helpful examples guide you through many of the aspects of wholesaling that new investors struggle to understand. Whether you need the low-down on assigning or double-close, the closing process in detail, contract basics, or just what it takes to be a successful real estate wholesaler, Luc offers the advice that will get you started.


  1. Wholesale to Millions

Khan’s journey from down-and-out to millionaire should inspire anyone, but especially aspiring real estate wholesalers. He covers topics with guests as well as his own stories growing up with only the cloth on his back. In these unique episodes you’ll learn how to wholesale virtually from another country, listen in on real estate Q&A designed to get you through everyday roadblocks, and much more. Wholesale to Millions will get you to where you need to be.


  1. Real Estate Investing Mastery

Joe McCall hosts this informative podcast that has episodes ranging from around an hour long to smaller episodes that are only a few minutes. The podcast focuses on how you can eventually quit your day job and shift to full-time income through real estate investing, particularly through wholesaling, creative financing, and lease option strategies. If you want to be a fly on the wall as Joe closes deals live, give Real Estate Investing Mastery a listen.


  1. Flipping Houses for Rookies

Although wholesaling is just a small part of mastermind Bill Hawthorn’s podcast, it covers topics in-depth, giving blow-by-blow accounts on the mechanics and financing of subject-to, sandwich, and land deals, among many other creative investing methods. Broaden your investing horizons and pick up a few tricks while you’re at it.


  1. Epic Real Estate Investing

Epic is a long-running podcast, and host Matt Theriault’s episodes are grounded in experience, with guests ranging from highly successful buy and hold investors, to commercial property wizards. If you’re looking to branch out into building wealth in different ways, and hear what the future holds for you as your wholesaling ramps up, tune in. Matt’s no-nonsense, firm advice resonates with you long after an episode is over.


  1. BiggerPockets Podcast

We’d be remiss not to mention popular real estate forum giant BiggerPockets’ own podcast. Each episode deals with a very wide variety of real estate investment topics. Although there is a heavy emphasis on building wealth through buy and hold, you’ll be able to find episodes specific to wholesaling houses fairly easily. This podcast is perfect for rounding out your knowledge base and gleaning some extra information about financing, lending, and marketing in general.


Oldie but Goodies

These wholesale real estate podcasts were formerly on our “best of” lists, but have not had recent episodes. While time passes us by, these unique methods and podcast guests stay fresh forever.


Multi Family Mafia

There’s no fluff (or censorship) in the discussions that take place during episodes on this unique, “No B.S.” podcast. Listeners may find this format to be a breath of fresh air, reflecting the messy reality of the real estate investing world. It’s hosted by Jordan Stanley Payne, who started in Montana and began his career with wholesaling, so he knows the struggles of both beginning and maintaining a wholesaling business. While the podcast ended recently when it hit its 98th episode, there are still recent gems to be heard.


Success From Scratch

Nick Ruiz started his podcast based on his experiences with the housing market. Ruiz first built a real estate empire well before the 2008 recession, but then, amazingly, rebuilt that same wealth even after the economic collapse. Because we live in a world where real estate markets can shift unexpectedly, the advice you can glean from listening to someone who is successful despite those obstacles is extremely valuable. His tell-it-like-it-is tone strikes just the right balance, making you feel like you can take on the world.


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This article lists the best real estate podcasts with a heavy emphasis on wholesaling houses as a strategy. Whether you’re in the mood for a marathon of investment advice or a ten-minute hot-take from wholesaling experts, you’re certain to find something that suits you in this list of top real estate wholesaling podcasts.

Do you have any favorites that we missed? Let us know!