Best wholesaling podcasts

Discover the best real estate wholesaling podcasts of 2024!

Whether you’re a newcomer aspiring to close your first deal or a seasoned investor seeking advanced strategies to scale your profits, these expert-led podcasts are your roadmap.

Get ready to tap into a wealth of insider knowledge, actionable techniques, and real-life success stories from the industry’s top players.


Most Informative and Motivating Real Estate Wholesale Podcasts


  1. Get Creative with Pace Morby

“Get Creative with Pace Morby” podcast dives into the heart of real estate with a focus on the subject-to strategy (among others) and teaching listeners how to think outside the box to create win-win deals no matter the method used. It’s about empowering you to see potential where others see barriers, guiding you through the twists and turns of the real estate market with wisdom and wit. This approach demystifies real estate, making success achievable for anyone willing to learn and apply these creative tactics. Get ready to learn and earn.


  1. Payneless Flipping

The Payneless Flipping Podcast is your go-to guide in the real estate world, hosted by Nathan Payne. It’s all about making wholesaling and flipping accessible, breaking down complex strategies like reverse wholesaling into actionable steps. Payne and his guests share insights on overcoming hurdles and maximizing success, making it feel like you’ve got a wise mentor in your corner. Every episode encourages you to take control of your real estate journey, pushing past fear to create the life you want.


  1. Wholesaling Inc

This wholesaling houses podcast is hosted by a variety of real estate experts and pumps out tons of content monthly, with guidelines to become a successful wholesaler. Their podcast tagline is Baby Steps to Your First Real Estate Deal — and they deliver, offering exact step-by-step details of deals that they have personally done. Perfect for those actively wholesaling, who want to fine-tune your business based on others’ mistakes (or successes). If you are new to the industry and are looking to build it right, from the ground up, you’ll get a lot of value out of these episodes.


  1. Real Estate Disruptors

Amplify your real estate success with Steve Trang on ‘Real Estate Disruptors’. He dives deep with the industry’s top-performing wholesalers, those already closing multiple deals a month. Discover the cutting-edge strategies and advanced mindsets that drive their extraordinary results. Master the nuances that separate the good from the exceptional in wholesaling, and unlock the next level of profitability for your business.


  1. Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate

Join the revolution with Ky Logue’s Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate podcast. Ky digs deep with the biggest names in the game, uncovering their hard-won wisdom and proven techniques. Get the inside scoop on finding deals, mastering negotiation, and building a successful wholesaling business. If you’re ready to level up, this is the concentrated knowledge you need.


  1. Epic Real Estate Investing

Epic is a long-running podcast, and host Matt Theriault’s episodes are grounded in experience, with guests ranging from highly successful buy and hold investors, to commercial property wizards. If you’re looking to branch out into building wealth in different ways, and hear what the future holds for you as your wholesaling ramps up, tune in. Matt’s no-nonsense, firm advice resonates with you long after an episode is over.


  1. The Wholesaling Real Estate Show

This podcast hosted by David Dodge is your insider’s guide to wholesaling real estate. Learn how to make substantial profits without draining your bank account. Wholesaling real estate is all about mastering the marketing game – from finding motivated sellers to securing incredible deals. Whether you’re aiming for quick flips, long-term rentals, or building your dream portfolio, we’ve got you covered.  This show is your roadmap to understanding the ins and outs of wholesaling, offering actionable steps for lasting success.


  1. Real Estate Investing Mastery

Joe McCall holds nothing back as the host of this informative podcast that has episodes ranging from around an hour long to only a few minutes. The podcast focuses on how you can eventually quit your day job and shift to full-time income through real estate investing, particularly wholesaling, creative financing, lease option strategies, and land sales. If you want to be a fly on the wall as Joe closes deals live, give Real Estate Investing Mastery a listen.


  1. School of Wholesaling

A true and simple real estate wholesaling podcast hosted by Luc Madeus that focuses only on wholesaling techniques. Helpful examples guide you through many of the aspects of wholesaling that new investors struggle to understand. Whether you need the low-down on assigning or double-close, the closing process in detail, contract basics, or just what it takes to be a successful real estate wholesaler, Luc offers the advice and mindset tips that will get you started.


  1. BiggerPockets Podcast

We’d be remiss not to mention popular real estate forum giant BiggerPockets’ own podcast. Each episode deals with a very wide variety of real estate investment topics. Although there is a heavy emphasis on building wealth through buy and hold, you’ll be able to find episodes specific to wholesaling houses fairly easily. This podcast is perfect for rounding out your knowledge base and gleaning some extra information about financing, lending, and marketing in general.


Wrapping Up

This article lists the best real estate podcasts to subscribe to in 2024, with a heavy emphasis on wholesaling houses as a strategy.

Whether you’re in the mood for a marathon of investment advice or a ten-minute hot-take from wholesaling experts, you’re certain to find something that suits you in this list of top real estate wholesaling podcasts.


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