Skip Tracing: Ultimate Guide to Find a Property Owner

Skip Tracing for Real Estate Wholesalers: Ultimate Guide to Find a Property Owner NOW

Skip Tracing Skip trace anybody and any property using the techniques and tools in this guide and get the leads your competitors can’t. It’s true, if you’re a real estate wholesaler, 98% of the time when your competition is door knocking and sending yellow letter campaigns, they are stopped cold when the homeowner does not respond. In this article, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to find anybody, but in particular owners of real estate and even for an abandoned or distressed property. These skip tracing methods can initially seem difficult or confusing, however, if you’re able to track down an elusive owner, you will be able… Read More

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Construction Project Management

Best Construction Project Management Software for House Flipping

I have written extensively that if you are house flipping then you should not be focusing on figuring out what project management software you should be using, instead you should be looking for the best house flipping software which focuses on your deal pipeline. However if project management is a problem that you are trying to solve for in your house flipping business, then you should be looking for best in class construction project management software, and I have some recommendations for you depending on the size of your house flipping business.   Just starting out? If you’re doing less than 10 deals a year, you can download a free… Read More

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Top 14 Best Real Estate Wholesaling Software Tools to Power Your Business in 2023

In this research and education guide for real estate wholesalers, we’re going to introduce the best real estate wholesaling software tools and features. We will list the best tools for real estate wholesaling and the most important features within each of those tools. We also provide some insight on how most software providers price each tool, to give you a general idea of whether it makes sense for you to incorporate that tool into your own investing systems. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have clarity on the best software you need to scale your real estate business. Ready to have a software roadmap that will point to profits?… Read More

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