Construction Project Management

I have written extensively that if you are house flipping then you should not be focusing on figuring out what project management software you should be using, instead you should be looking for the best house flipping software which focuses on your deal pipeline.

However if project management is a problem that you are trying to solve for in your house flipping business, then you should be looking for best in class construction project management software, and I have some recommendations for you depending on the size of your house flipping business.


Just starting out?

If you’re doing less than 10 deals a year, you can download a free Smartsheet spreadsheet here: Smartsheet Construction Project Management Templates


Managing your own projects?

As a certified project manager for well over a decade, I can tell you that you simply can’t get any better than Microsoft Project on Windows and OmniPlan for the Mac.

This is the gold standard project management software for actual working project managers.


Looking for low cost online team collaboration?

Try Asana for managing the project tasks.  It’s FREE for your team.


What is the best online construction project management software used by professionals?

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Buildertrend by far.

Buildertrend is used by thousands of working construction professionals from general contractors to cabinet installers to manage their teams projects, vendors, and costs (when integrated with Quickbooks).

* None of these recommendations are affiliate links. They’re all what we’ve been using for years.