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You’ll find a number of fix and flip holding costs below. Some are required for the entire duration from purchase to sale. Others are temporary while work crews are in place.

Need to know the approximate amounts for each holding cost so you can plan efficiently? This post will help: House flip purchase, sale and holding costs.


Utilities – Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric

Required at a minimum for construction crews to operate, and during the sale stage.


Portable Toilet

Necessary for workers if indoor plumbing will not be available.



Hard-wired or portable alarm system to protect the property. Include both an installation, as well as the monthly maintenance contract fee.


HOA Fees

If the property is in a condo or located in a subdivision, include this fee. There may also be a HOA transfer fee when you sell the property.


Property Insurance

Builder’s Risk coverage, liability, or vacant house insurance.



If using, hard money lender interests and points.



Taxes to be paid for the amount of time you held the property.


Property Management

Property management for lawn maintenance and to keep an eye on the property after you have finished the property rehab.


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Purchase and Sale Costs

You’ll find more costs and checklists for purchase and selling costs:

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