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There are a variety of costs you may be expected to pay for by the buyer when selling your rehabbed fix and flip. This property sale costs checklist covers many of them.

For more on the costs and the approximate amount you can expect to pay for each, see this post in the house flipping guide about house flipping real estate purchase, sale and holding costs.



A realtor will require a commission for on-market sales.


Broker fee

If applicable, account for the broker fee.


Buyer’s closing costs

The buyer may request that you pay some of the closing costs.


Home Warranty

The buyer may request that you provide a home warranty.


Termite Tenting

In some states it is customary to perform termite tenting.  Who pays may be either customary, or negotiable depending on your location.


Transfer tax

Real estate transfer tax may be required in your jurisdiction.


Title Insurance

You may end up paying for title insurance, depending on local custom.



An appraisal will validate the price that you should list the flip for.



Staging helps buyers imagine their belongings in the new space.



Include professional photography fees, if listing the flip online.


Legal fees

Fees for an attorney to review documents and facilitate the closing process.


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Purchase and Holding Costs

You’ll find more costs for purchase and holding costs below:

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