best houseflipping podcasts

Whether you’re a beginner real estate investor, or a veteran in the field, these house flipping podcasts will boost your knowledge while gaining fresh insight into the industry. You’ll find that many of these hosts are already successful and are paying it forward by sharing their techniques and strategies so that a new generation can find their dream future.

The podcasts below are educational and entertaining, and definitely worthwhile listening while stuck on the freeway, or for a daily dose of powerful encouragement.

Best House Flipping Podcasts for Motivation and Education

  1. The Best Ever Show

Joe Fairless is an incredibly successful real estate investor who has run The Best Ever Show for many years. Each episode highlights a particular struggle or challenge, usually posed by readers of his book, and many invite either guest investors or people who are just starting out and have specific questions they want to ask an expert. Joe covers hundreds of topics, and you can filter by the Fix and Flip category right on the podcast page to narrow down your selection. This podcast is also an excellent resource if you plan to eventually move on from house flipping and want to expand your business to other sources of revenue, most particularly apartment investing.

  1. The Real Estate InvestHER Show

This podcast aims to provide women investors with viewpoints and survival tips that are unique to them, in educational and inspirational ways. The subject matter is traditional in that it revolves around becoming financially independent through real estate investing, but hosts Elizabeth Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli bring on guests who balance both personal lives as mothers and wives, and getting down to business. Covering topics for beginners through highly experienced investors about everything from reducing tax liability to investing long distance, the Real Estate InvestHER Show is a great addition to your podcast library.

  1. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

This long-running podcast has been on the air both with conventional radio waves or the Internet since 1997. It’s one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on iTunes, and each episode focuses on a different aspect of real estate investing. Hosted by those who have been there and who have found success, each episode balances humor and education, along with some innovative topics such as combining Opportunity Zones and Senior Housing for skies-the-limit investing possibilities. Catch this podcast to catch up on the real estate times and expand your horizons.

  1. 7 Figure Flipping Podcast with Bill Allen

Got big dreams? This podcast is for the real estate investor who wants to truly scale their house flipping business into the 6, 7, and 8 figure range. Host Bill Allen covers everything from how to squeeze profit from every deal, to how to get your mindset straight for your best year ever. Despite the detailed subject matter, the conversational, back and forth style of the interviews keeps everything light and fresh. After a while, it can feel like learning from good friends.

  1. Flipping America

Roger Blankenship’s honest, sometimes brutal take on everything from Airbnb rentals to Opportunity Zones can provide insight that listeners desperately need in their business. He manages to balance life experience with recent facts and statistics, delivering at times a soothing monologue that provides respite from the high-energy, noisy real estate podcasts you may have come to expect. Final verdict? With a powerful blend of news, advice, and informative guests, you may not agree with everything Roger says, but you’ll get a new perspective and learn a lot with every listen.

  1. Real Estate Rookie

Create your real estate empire! No-nonsense guides, Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson, break down the secrets of finding killer deals, mastering renovation nightmares, and evading disastrous tenants. This isn’t about pie-in-the-sky investing; it’s about destroying debt and building cash flow. Get ready for real-world strategies, expert mentors, and a whole community of fellow rookies cheering you on. If you’re ready for your first, second, or even your modest-but-mighty portfolio, step into the arena with the Real Estate Rookie podcast.

  1. A Real Estate Investing Podcast

Join forces with seasoned investor, Joe Homs, and the ever-curious newcomer, Alex Barnett, as they uncover the secrets to thriving in today’s market. With topics including flipping fixer-uppers, mastering rentals, and tackling mobile homes and multifamily giants – the hosts deliver the strategies you crave about everything under the (investing) sun. From raising capital to lending capital, from Section 8 to luxury rentals, this podcast creates the experience you need to avoid rookie mistakes on your way to becoming a real estate mogul!

  1. Women Creating Wealth

Women Creating Wealth is your insider’s guide to mastering real estate investing by breaking down the strategies and insider knowledge that put financial freedom within your reach. Whether you dream of extra income or a career change, this podcast is your practical guide to rental arbitrage, short-term rentals, house hacking, and more. Christine McCarren and her insightful guests demystify the process, sharing real-world successes and actionable takeaways. Join the community of ambitious women building wealth together – because when it comes to investing, knowledge and support are your most powerful tools.

  1. Collecting Keys

Ready to ditch slow-paced real estate strategies and unlock the keys to serious wealth? Hosts Mike DeHaan and Dan Austin aren’t here to sugarcoat things. This podcast is your source for the bold, sometimes controversial, moves that have fueled their own massive success. Learn how successful investors navigate market shifts, optimize rental returns, and leverage tactics like note investing to diversify their portfolios. Join the Collecting Keys community and get the unfiltered advice, real-world approaches, and the mindset shift needed to win in their cutthroat world of real estate investing.

  1. The Real Estate Preacher

Randy Lawrence’s raw and relevant discussions masterfully cover essential topics, so that you can gain the confidence to start investing, scale your portfolio, or explore advanced strategies like syndication. Get insights into cap rates, value-add opportunities, multifamily investing, and advanced concepts like triple net leases. On top of that, Randy’s ‘Monday Macro Minutes’ dissect market trends, inflation data, and government policies, empowering you to make informed investments with confidence.

Wrapping Up

In this article I cover the best house flipping podcasts for 2024. Each one of these carefully curated selections offers a different blend of motivation and education to help you start or supercharge your house flipping business. Tune in for tips and tactical advice from the best real estate investing experts and their guests, and learn the skills you need to dominate flipping houses in your market!