Top 14 Real Estate Wholesaling Software Tools to Power Your Business in 2023

In this research and education guide for real estate wholesalers, we’re going to introduce the best real estate wholesaling software tools and features. We will list the top 14 tools for real estate wholesaling and the most important features within each of those tools. We also provide some insight on how most software providers price each tool, to give you a general idea of whether it makes sense for you to incorporate that tool into your own investing systems. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have clarity on the best software you need to scale your real estate business. Ready to have a software roadmap that will point to… Read More

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Direct Mail Postcard Preview

Direct Mail Postcards are Now Launched in REI/kit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Direct Mail Postcards are Now Launched in REI/kit (Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Marketing Just Got Real)   Hi there, There is a massive shift going on in the marketing channels used by the virtual wholesale real estate industry, requiring expert marketers to completely rethink how they’re getting their message out.  Anyone using one single marketing channel to get their message out right now is feeling the pinch. Let’s take cold calling for example. We’ve all gotten car warranty phone calls. Like me, you likely stopped picking up the phone, and if you or your VA’s cold call leads, you probably noticed that fewer and fewer leads pick… Read More

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Skip Tracing: Ultimate Guide to Find a Property Owner

Skip Tracing Real Estate: Ultimate Guide to Find a Property Owner NOW

Skip Tracing Skip trace anybody and any property using the techniques and tools in this guide and get the leads your competitors can’t. It’s true, if you’re a real estate investor, 98% of the time when your competition is door knocking and sending yellow letter campaigns, they are stopped cold when the homeowner does not respond. In this article, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to find anybody, but in particular owners of real estate and even for an abandoned or distressed property. These skip tracing methods can initially seem difficult or confusing, however, if you’re able to track down an elusive owner, you will be able… Read More

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Real Estate Investor Marketing Plan

4 Types of Motivated Sellers That Real Estate Investors Need To Be Marketing to Right Now

The current state of affairs related to the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect millions of homeowners and businesses. Very few people have been left unaffected by this pandemic, with many who had plans to sell their properties from before the virus spread, but can no longer do so. While the government is helping those in need who are having trouble making their mortgage payments, and preventing foreclosures, there’s now a lot of other people who don’t need government assistance, but still need your help. They were motivated to sell their properties before the virus, and now because of it, they are more than ever looking for your help, and a… Read More

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Real Estate Marketing to Empty Nesters

How to Dominate the Most Profitable Real Estate Segment That No One is Marketing to Right Now

If it’s not obvious yet, these are undoubtedly unprecedented times that we are living in. Times that will surely make people with a bias for action a lot of money. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a lot of real estate investors sitting on the sidelines and watching Netflix, instead of taking advantage of the opportunity right in front of them.  I hope that you can be one of the few who does, by Hustling From Home (TM). Now, before I continue, while I believe that it is a great time for you to take advantage of the additional motivations created by the Corona virus, I categorically do not condone or advocate using… Read More

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Comps Cash Sale and REO Indicator

[Software Update] Even more accurate comps with NEW extended comps data

If you care about accurate comps, or cash buyers, then you might want to read this all the way through. For the last 2 years since switching away from the inadequate free Zillow data in our paid app *, we have worked tirelessly to bring you the most accurate comps that meet appraisal best practices, and the tools to perform an appraisal-like sales comparison analysis.  (* we do still use the free Zillow data on our free comps tools for demo purposes) For those in the know, our tools and premium data are by far better than most tools out there at any price. But being better than the other… Read More

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Construction Project Management

Best Construction Project Management Software for House Flipping

I have written extensively that if you are house flipping then you should not be focusing on figuring out what project management software you should be using, instead you should be looking for the best house flipping software which focuses on your deal pipeline. However if project management is a problem that you are trying to solve for in your house flipping business, then you should be looking for best in class construction project management software, and I have some recommendations for you depending on the size of your house flipping business.   Just starting out? If you’re doing less than 10 deals a year, you can download a free… Read More

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Product Update: Teams Functionality Released

I am happy to announce that the Teams feature has finally been released as part of the REI/kit software for flipping houses. In this software product update I will discuss the following: What is the Teams feature? What are some common use cases for the Teams feature? On which plans is it available? I am on one of the supported plans, how do I invite my team?   What is the Teams feature? With the Teams feature of the flipping software, you will now be able to invite other team members into your account, and only give them the specific permissions that they need to do their jobs. This will… Read More

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Distressed Seller Lead Pages

REI/kit Real Estate Investor Websites launched: Rank better, and capture more warm motivated seller leads than ever before

If you know anything about how we operate, then you know that our primary goal is to provide you with the tools and data to help make you a successful real estate investor. Whether you’re wholesaling houses, or house flipping, or finding rentals by marketing direct to seller, we are only successful if you are successful. To that end, after spending many months in product development, writing over 19,000 lines of code, and building out a completely new highly scalable and secure infrastructure, I am proud to release the next generation product in our suite of real estate investor tools: REI/kit Real Estate Investor Websites. REI/kit real estate investor websites… Read More

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Best House Flipping Software Header Image

How to Evaluate the Best Software for Real Estate Wholesaling and House Flipping

In this guide to choosing the best house flipping software, I aim to help you in your decision process by talking about the most important aspects necessary to scale your business, and then talk about the features of software that you might need in order to get there. There is actually significant overlap here between software for house flipping and real estate wholesaling, and for good reason: The hard work is on the front end, before you even offer on a property.   With this guidance, I want to truly help you make an educated purchase decision in the goal of making your business successful.   What is the best… Read More

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